as tied to him by a rope.

Thinking of this, she blurred the aura of her own realm and changed into a weak look of someone seriously injured and dying.
If you were asked to play a wounded person, would you mess up your long hair and hang it in front of you?
Mother-in-law, your hairstyle is very dangerous!
Lu Bei glanced up and down, clenched his fists and coughed softly: “What, there are clothes, your body is too neat, why don’t you tear some bigger holes?”
Huang Xiao didn’t say anything, his face was filled with the thought of dying together.
How could this be true? Even a gentleman should be careful!
Lu Bei curled his lips, raised his five fingers to grab Huang Xiao, and shattered the void with his other hand, returning to the border of Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom.
At this time, the Star Formation has been withdrawn.
Not to mention all of the three hundred and sixty-five Mahayana demon kings were injured, but half of them were injured, and less than 30% were able to continue fighting.
Thirty percent also has a hundred Mahayana demon kings, which is more than enough to take down the Iron Curtain City.
The black curtain of demon clouds rolled, and the phantoms of the great demons spread out in succession. The majestic pressure enveloped the world and the surrounding areas, and the heavy pressure made it difficult to breathe.
/The human monks didn’t know what happened in the star formation. They only saw the starlight disperse and the second-generation immortal sword master never appeared.
panic, surprise, anger, sadness
Many emotions converged in one place, and they were all unbelievable for the moment.
Huang Yu sat on the throne, looking at the low-morale Iron Curtain City, debating whether to start a war with the human race immediately.
As the Demon Queen, she has no right to declare war on the human race, but the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons was disgraced by the little sword cultivator of the human race, and her beloved Tai An was not happy. If she didn’t take revenge immediately, Tai An would be happy, and she wouldn’t be able to do so. So happy!
As for Huang Xiao, Huang Yu is not worried. She has the perfect phoenix blood of the trinity and knows that her mother is still stronger than her because of some ulterior secrets.
The illegitimate son just inherited the bloodline of Taiyin. He was a brat with strong talent but lack of foundation. He had no hair on his head and could not be Huang Xiao’s opponent.
This is sure!
The void shattered, and Lu Bei walked out with an iron sword in hand. His cold eyes were calm and he glanced at the monsters in the distance.
In the Iron Curtain City, the shouts shook the sky.
/Many monks secretly put down their packed bags and squeezed into the enthusiastic team. The momentum and morale surged.
Huang Yu looked at this scene in shock and muttered that it was impossible.
Lu Bei held a sword in one hand and held a red air ball in his other hand. Inside was a phoenix with a fallen spirit, its wings curled up and withered.
According to Lu Bei’s intention, i