m the rain. Liu Changan was naturally not worried about catching a cold. Shangguan Dandan, a little girl who had never seen her eating before, thought that a little rain would do no harm to her.

Liu Changan did not jump on high-rise buildings in the city again. The previous few times he passed by in the night sky of the city must have been witnessed by witnesses, but these witnesses often consciously denied themselves with the idea that they must have seen it wrong, even if they had firm belief. People with their own eyes are just treated as a topic of conversation similar to ghosts and ghosts when discussing with others.
Shangguan Dandan refused to walk on the ground, probably because of the resistance and fear of the unfamiliar world, and Liu Changan didn’t mind holding her.
After all, not long ago, more than two thousand years ago, the late emperor fell into disarray while powerful ministers were waiting for him. He was left orphaned and widowed, suffering from internal and external troubles. The two of them even held a very formal relationship confirmation ceremony that was recognized by both parties.
After closing the door of Weiyang Palace, they are the two people with the closest relationship in the core of the huge empire.
Thinking about it now, it felt a bit warm and quiet. Liu Changan lowered his head. The Queen Mother, who was so aloof at the time, was now huddled in his arms and looking around curiously with her eyes wide open. It felt a little strange.
Walking leisurely, the soles of my feet made a sticky sound against the wet ground.
Liu Changan hugged Shangguan Dandan and walked along his usual running route. He did not return to the community until there were more pedestrians on the road.
At this time, Shangguan Dandan was willing to get off the ground by himself. When he saw that Liu Changan’s body was only slightly dry on his chest, he waved to Liu Changan to enter the room.
Shangguan Dandan found Liu Changan’s brazier. Liu Changan watched her busy and thought about moving the coffin into this room. She didn’t stay in the coffin most of the time when she closed the door, so she moved the room. Feeling very familiar.
Shangguan Dandan poured the charcoal into the brazier, then looked at his fingers stained with charcoal ash, picked up the fire starter and lit the fire, looked at the flames burning on the top of the fire starter, and looked at it curiously for a while. Just light the charcoal.
“You warm up the fire for a while first, I want to take a bath and change clothes.” Shangguan said calmly.
Liu Changan nodded. He admired her for letting him sit here in wet clothes and wait for the small fire to grow strong out of concern.
/Even though she started to get used to doing things by herself, her previous living habits often caused her daily life to feel awkward and wrong.
/Shangguan Dandan walked to the small bathroom separated by bricks and aluminum plates in the room, looked inside, then turned to look at Liu Changan, then came back holding the hem of his long coat, and moved the small