was left in Old Snake’s hands. There is still a faint glow of fireworks on the treasure pill.

This is supposed to be an excellent place to activate the secret of water element. No matter how bad it is, for Danxia Laomu and Jian Hanzhi who also mix water and fire and possess the secret method of inner elixir, the method of transferring water and fire is also very suitable.
But in the midst of lightning and stone fire, when they needed to show their ultimate skills with one strike, Mother Danxia and Jian Hanzhi chose to activate the purest Nanming Lihuo itself.
This is probably the secret of the Danqing Yuanzong tradition that has never been written down. Throughout the ages, the disciples of this sect are good at the secrets of water and fire, especially the fire method!
And the flash of taking that step in the air, the flash of the hollow jade pot and the green bamboo stick protruding, almost at the same time, the other hands of Danxia’s mother and Jian Hanzhi both dropped down and disappeared into their respective broad sleeves. In the robe.
Along with the violent shaking of the robe, in an instant, a stream of spiritual light poured down like a torrent, triggering the surrounding fireworks and triggering the talisman array in the fireworks.
So, all of a sudden, the fireworks surrounding the two figures separated in an instant. When they looked at each other, half of the fireworks were attracted by Danxia’s mother, and half of the fireworks were attracted by Jian Hanzhi.
Every ray of firework aura has a symbol of the talisman array. At that moment, when the fireworks were silently activated, the two of them were already clearly distinguishable, and there was no inconsistency in the performance.
They have not seen each other for many years. If it is according to Jian Hanzhi’s statement, they probably had no contact with each other before Danxia’s mother fought her way out of Southern Xinjiang from the sea of ????blood in Corpse Mountain and established a dojo in Tingchang Mountain again. Now, Looking back, the stories mentioned were about half a lifetime ago.
Especially with such a flash of exquisite performance today, it is even difficult to say whether it is still within the scope of tacit understanding.
/Then, in the second half of this flashing moment, the fireworks set off by Mother Danxia seemed to merge into the turbulence, and instantly dispersed in all directions with the blue surge, but in the scattered At the same time as it was opened, it suddenly intertwined and resonated with the energy of the snake pattern talisman array that was still lingering in place.
At this time, between Old Mother Danxia and the entire snake-patterned talisman formation, there was even the Old Snake whose form and spirit were frozen in the changes of time. Originally, he seemed to be vaguely about to evaporate the shackles of the changes of time. , at least, in the second half of that flash, his eyes had slowly turned to look at Danxia’s mother.
/But as the fireworks scattered by the old mother resonated with the mira