Yanan made some cucumbers and cold scallions to satisfy him, but this was by no means a refreshing way of eating with scallions and cucumbers dipped in the sauce and chewing it up. Liu Changan was a little regretful because he didn’t do it himself and just waited to eat. When speaking, if the other party does not specifically ask him to comment, he will not point fingers.

“I don’t want to smell green onions when I talk to you.” Qin Yanan explained. She also didn’t want to smell him smell like green onions, because when she was talking to him just now, she had been leaning close to him, and his breath was so close. , like seductive silk lingering around her ears and lips.
If this had the smell of green onions in it, how terrible would it be? It’s like singing a Jiangnan tune of “Boundless Wind and Moon”, and a suona suddenly rises passionately, tearing all the “Boundless Wind and Moon” to pieces for you.
After lunch, Liu Changan had a conversation with Qin Yanan. Knowing that she didn’t sleep all night, he told her to take a rest in the afternoon. He watched her waist swaying under her loose nightgown as she walked into the bedroom. She looked back at him. Liu Changan smiled slightly and left. Qin Yanan’s room.
/Walking down the mountain from Lushan Mountain, the mountain breeze hit his face. Liu Changan hugged his arms. After being hugged by her all morning, Liu Changan could still find that she had no breast tattoos under her pajamas. Fortunately, he controlled the transmission of touch on his arms, allowing the whole body to It is necessary to do this without any feeling in one hand. For a woman like Qin Yanan, folding her arms like this is a trump card.
Liu Changan felt that he was smart. This way, he didn’t need to push her away and let her, who was emotionally sensitive at this moment, think too much. He could also prevent himself from being tempted and maintain a peaceful state of mind. Even if he didn’t do this, he could still control himself. , but this should be better.
Liu Changan finally summed it up, but as an ordinary college student, what’s wrong with being pretentious occasionally?
Liu Changan walked to the Juzhou Bridge and stood in the center of the bridge for a while looking up at the statue of the great man at the head of the island. During the National Day holiday, visitors from all over the place were welcomed here, and Juzhou finally got back the lost 5A-level scenic spot sign.
The river is surging and there are so many tourists. It makes people feel that the past is like clouds. It would be very enjoyable to pick it up again and talk about it carefully with old friends.
Liu Changan had not yet decided whether to go to meet Gao Dewei and his group in the afternoon, so he went home first and saw Zhou Dongdong digging a hole under the sycamore tree with a small hoe as big as a palm.
Liu Changan walked over and glanced at the door of the utility room downstairs. Then he came to the sycamore tree and leaned against the tree to watch Zhou Dongdong working.
“Brother Chang’an, I want to dig