ifty guards were fully armed, there was actually nothing they could do to send them out. All the knights from the city lord’s palace were sent out, and the only remaining ones had this fighting strength.

Fifty guards might not even be able to block a charge from the skeleton knight next to the Evil God’s believer, but the Lord of Kagel had no other option.
“Do you really think we can’t find Charlie? We are fully prepared for this operation!” The black robe said while summoning an ugly puppy.
The Lord of Kagel saw the ugly puppy, and a look of panic flashed in his eyes.
This is a tracking dog. Even though it is ugly, it is an extraordinary creature with an innate ability to track people.
“If you want to find Charlie, then defeat me!” The war horse under the Lord Cagel neighed lightly, and he said in a deep voice with a third-level epee in his hand.
He was ready to charge, wanting to kill the tracking technique before it could act.
But the four black-robed Evil God believers were well prepared. One of the Evil God believers waved his hand, and a thick ice wall blocked the Lord of Kagel.
/“You guys will deal with the Lord of Kagel City. I’ll catch Charlie!” The leader of the black-robed Evil God believer said to the other three Evil God believers.
“No problem, leave it to us!” An evil god believer responded confidently.
The body of Lord Kagel flashed with white light, and an armor composed of the power of blood appeared outside the armor on his body. At the same time, the third-level epee in his hand was also wrapped in the power of blood of white light.
Now he has no idea of ??retaining his strength. He is frantically mobilizing the power of his blood and preparing to end the battle in a short time.
Either die in battle or win. Lord Cagel didn’t want to delay Charlie until he was caught. In that case, it would be easier for him to die fighting first.
Ever since he knew Charlie’s identity, he had been worried about Charlie’s safety. Fortunately, Charlie was a knight himself, and in a big city like Jianmo City, he didn’t have to worry about it with his protection.
The reason why the knight team was established was to protect Charlie, but they didn’t expect to be transferred out of Jianmo City by the followers of the evil god.
In fact, if the contact circle is not blocked, the knight team with a “starry sky flying boat” can come back quickly.
/This is also the reason why Lord Kagel lets the Knights team go out to perform missions. The ‘Starry Sky Ship’ brings great flexibility to the Knights team.
“Kill!” Lord Kagel shouted, his horse accelerated and rushed towards a black-robed evil god believer.
He has an extra round shield in his left hand. Facing the evil god believers of the same level, he does not dare to take it lightly.
The three evil god believers did not reveal their identities, which made it impossible for City Lord Kagel to know the abilities that the other party was good at. However, he knew the knight’s advantage. As long as he was allowed to get close, the earth knight’s melee ability was d