ng tea.

Two people drank tea and wandered through the streets and alleys of Junsha. The two cups of tea seemed to last for a long time. One person held the cup with one hand, and the other person held the other person’s hand. The steps were the same, stepping on the square grid. On the gray streets, Liu Changan chatted about the past history and appearance of these streets. An Nuan praised them from time to time, and at the same time admired her boyfriend’s familiarity with geography.
/As they walked, they came to Zhou Dongdong’s school. Because he told the teacher that someone would come to pick him up, Zhou Dongdong stayed in the classroom and did his homework while waiting.
After greeting the head teacher, Liu Changan and An Nuan went to the first-grade classroom. There were several classrooms in the first grade. There were almost all children who had not returned home in each classroom. Zhou Dongdong also had her and another child in her classroom. , but it seems that she has finished her homework and is teaching another child to dance.
The child who learned to dance with Zhou Dongdong was called Song Taozi. She was a bit shy and introverted. She was holding Zhou Dongdong’s Ultraman mask and a small plane in her hands. She sat on a small stool and watched Zhou Dongdong seriously. On the podium, he moved his arms very fast.
/Song Taozi couldn’t tell that it was dancing, but she was worried that if Zhou Dongdong fell off the podium or hit his hands on the wall or table, it would hurt and make him cry.
Zhou Dongdong fell down as usual, quickly got up, and said breathlessly: “As long as I spin faster, I almost flew up just a little bit.”
Song Taozi quickly jumped down and hugged Zhou Dongdong, slapping Zhou Dongdong’s butt and knees.
“Forget it if it’s almost, it’s already very impressive.” Song Taozi looked at Zhou Dongdong with admiration, because Zhou Dongdong was jumping around like a puppy every day.
“Sooner or later you will fly to the sky to pick the moon.” Liu Changan and An Nuan walked into the classroom and said to Zhou Dongdong with conviction.
Zhou Dongdong originally planned to continue teaching Song Taozi to dance, but now he gave up because brother Changan would definitely laugh.
“Well, I’m pretty awesome too.” Zhou Dongdong wanted to retort, but felt that it was a compliment to himself, so he nodded.
“Kid, are you going back by yourself or is your mother coming to pick you up?” An Nuan asked another child with concern.
“My name is Song Taozi.” Song Taozi introduced herself softly without answering An Nuan’s answer directly.
“Taozi’s mother will come to pick her up.” Zhou Dongdong said, otherwise Zhou Dongdong would be a little worried if a child as young as Song Taozi was alone in a large classroom.
“Then let’s go first.” Liu Changan glanced at Song Taozi, held Zhou Dongdong’s hand and said.
“Her mother will be here soon, shall we go together?” Zhou Dongdong looked up at Liu Changan.
Zhou Dongdong jumped up and down, and Song Taozi also jumped up and down with a smil