ith a slim figure, a slender waist and long legs. The cold moonlight fell on her beautiful face, revealing a soft and tranquil look.

Xuanyin Division Ziwei, Mu Jiling.
A curtain of water appeared across the sky and appeared in front of Mu Jiling. She looked at the scene of Hu San and Lu Bei walking into the ruined temple arm in arm, and put on the mask with a sneer. Most of her charming face was covered, only her sharp eyebrows were exposed. Her temperament changed drastically in a moment, and the moonlight graceful body was brutally killed, leaving not a drop left.
Extremely murderous!
“The fish has arrived, all tribes listen to the order and follow me to capture the thieves.”
Halfway through the words, Mu Jiling realized that he had picked up the wrong script, and changed his tone and said: “The sheep have been caught in the net. Brothers, order all the guys and follow the leader of the village to capture them. The little sheep can be taken away, but the big sheep must not be let go.” .”
The dozen or so men in black looked at me and I looked at you, all of them were speechless and lowered their heads.
/What a shame.
After all, they were also Xuanyin Si Qingwei, military attachés who were paid by the imperial court. They pretended to be robbers and beat up their own people at night. If word of this spread, they would never have the honor to see other colleagues in the future.
“What, you want to rebel?”
“My lord is joking, I will follow you to the death”
“Call me the leader of the village. Who dares to reveal his secret later and be caught by the vixen over there? Don’t blame me for being ruthless when I go back. I sent him to stay undercover for ten years incognito!” Mu Jiling said fiercely, looking at the three foxes in the water curtain. With a charming face, there was another burst of gnashing of teeth.
It makes no sense that you, a man, are more beautiful than me!
Even more angry.
Lu Bei believed that Mu Jiling’s grudge against Hu San was a result of hatred gone bad. After all, it was difficult to guess the thoughts of the girl’s family. She said she hated her, but she actually liked her in her heart.
Hu San said it was nonsense, and it was purely a continuation of the grudges of the previous generation. The Taifu disliked Hu Er, and Mu Jiling was influenced by him and regarded him as his mortal enemy. He was pitiful, and he was just an innocent victim who was implicated.
/Mu Jiling said that both of them were talking nonsense. There was no continuation of the grievances of the previous generation, and it was even more unlikely that they had deteriorated. He was seeking revenge against Hu San just to get an explanation for his childhood self.
She has a flat face, a flat nose, a big mouth, a thick waist, short legs and no neck. She also makes up a song and sings it eight times a day. Just think about it and you will know how much psychological harm it is to a ten-year-old girl!
Much higher than a big bag.
If she hadn’t been timid at the time, she would have stabbed Hu San to death with sci