t like today. Are these fellow Taoists average?”

Upon hearing this, Chu Weiyang did not answer at first, but smiled very reservedly, as if on purpose. Every move clearly displayed what he considered “pretentiousness” in Jin Guan’s eyes.
It wasn’t until Jin Guan’s Qi-nurturing skills were somewhat broken and he was unable to maintain his composure, and Xie Jiang beside him had already begun to reach out to hold his arm without leaving a trace, that Chu Weiyang’s hoarse voice sounded faintly.
“It’s not difficult to find out about this matter. The fellow Taoists from Cexing Mountain are among them. It’s not difficult for Fellow Daoist Xie to join, but he has to line up behind those fellow Taoists.
In addition, Pindao’s earth master and talisman formation skills are also improving day and night. If it weren’t for the two people who came to the door, Pindao would have started to cultivate and refine the treasure weapon again. Therefore, before talking about going to the altar to perform The details of the law should not be confused with the previous ones. ”
Although Chu Weiyang deliberately “pretended” to disgust Jin Guan, he had no reason to drive them out. His hatred for the Jianzong in the past was one thing, but this time he made a fortune in the name of competing with others. The pen is another matter.
Moreover, Chu Weiyang has been condensing the Twenty-Four Sword Intentions for a long time, and he needs someone to confirm it and teach him how to use the Sword Intent to condense the sword seal from behind, and even further away. What kind of scenery.
Therefore, Chu Weiyang actually wanted to negotiate this matter more than the two of them, but the more urgent he was, the more Chu Weiyang showed a greedy and impatient face.
Faced with Chu Weiyang’s expression, even Xie Jiang, who had the sharpest mind, felt a sense of disgust for almost an instant. But as this feeling emerged, both of them lost a lot of “unnecessary” vigilance. .
They all thought that Chu Weiyang had clearly expressed his intention. He wanted to fight and be trained by the Harmony Talisman Array? Yes, but you have to pay extra!
As for the price of the cultivators earlier, Jin Guan did ask the monks at Cexing Mountain. Those were evenly distributed to everyone, and it was just the price of a spiritual material.
But if it is higher than this price
In the same place, Jin Guan subconsciously looked at Xie Jiang.
After all, the two of them had never had much experience in talking to people like this. They had no idea whether they wanted to argue with each other or what. After all, since they started in the mountain gate, they only had eyes for the Tao and Dharma of the Sword Classic. The more vulgar and intolerable something is, the farther away it becomes from them.
/Finally, Jin Guan actually looked at Chu Weiyang.
“What do you mean, Fellow Daoist Five Poisons, that you have to reach the treasure level before you can accept the opportunity to perform a French martial arts fight?”
With just this sentence, Chu Weiyang almost didn’t know wha