So, once again, Chu Weiyang’s eyes fell on this person.

“Um, what’s your name?”
After looking at this person for a long time, Chu Weiyang asked a question that had nothing to do with the matter at hand.
It is true that until this moment, Chu Weiyang still looked down upon these people. Their long-term performance in the dark ancient cave was not even as good as the most vulnerable ones in the Demon Suppressing Cave in Chu Weiyang’s memory. one person.
Maybe that’s not the case. The changes of time have begun to whitewash Chu Weiyang’s memory, but at least their performance is far inferior to Chu Weiyang’s own past. They chose a decision that is almost the opposite of Chu Weiyang’s past. Therefore, in Chu Weiyang’s eyes, they were just a group of beasts hiding under human skins.
But this group of people will still be driven by Chu Weiyang.
He at least deserves to be remembered by Chu Weiyang.
/The young monk in front of him was startled, as if he did not expect that Chu Weiyang would ask this question, but just as he had shown some alertness earlier, he quickly thought of something, and his expression could not be restrained. He palpitated a little, and then he clasped his fists and raised his hands again, bowing towards Chu Weiyang.
“Reporting to senior, junior Pei Wenli.”
So, Chu Weiyang nodded inexplicably, as if he had written down Pei Wenli’s name, and as if it was just a casual question, Chu Weiyang immediately forgot about it.
Chu Weiyang just quietly raised his hand and pointed towards Lingfu Island.
“Since it’s you who took the initiative to ask for help, then go ahead and do it. The poor Taoist will see everything.”
/When the words fell, they saw the joy on the faces of the four people, and they agreed.
But then, Chu Weiyang spoke again.
“They are evil cultivators of the Blood Demon Dao. They are the same evil cultivators of the Blood Fiend Dao as you originally. And they broke into Pindao’s dojo when Pindao was not around. One by one, they all… It’s all debt!”
When they said this, the four of them looked at each other, seeming to be thoughtful again.
“When a person dies, it’s all over once and for all. This doesn’t work, it’s too easy for them!”
Finally, Chu Weiyang calmed down the majestic murderous intent and anger he had shown at the beginning, and from that strong emotion, he brewed a coldness that frightened the four people in front of him.
“Don’t let anyone get away. Other than that, try to catch someone alive for Pindao!”
But the colder Chu Weiyang’s voice became, the more it reminded the four people in front of them of the most desperate period they had experienced in the ancient cave.
Then something seemed to be brewing from that period of despair, slowly spreading across the spiritual platform, drowning their clear minds. Then, they trembled for no reason, and there was something about Chu Weiyang in the trembling. Fear and awe, but more importantly, the pleasure of being about to convey that despair to more people.
They clearly understand that they are blood evil monks, and