For a brief moment, sensing Chu Weiyang’s aura, Xie Jiang’s tense expression suddenly softened.
Naturally, she could sense some of Chu Weiyang’s heels through the display of Qi. In addition to the lingering poisonous evil connotation, it was actually the aura belonging to the evil spirit.
The escaped prisoner from Zhenmo Cave was a descendant of King Pan Wang Yuanzong. At least according to the legal system, it could be concluded that they were two completely different people.
The appearance can be changed, the temperament can be transformed, but the aura of cultivation that belongs to Tao and Dharma cannot deceive others!
“It’s a poor Tao Tang”
Thinking of this, Xie Jiang consciously no longer had the need to ask further.
But here, before she finished speaking, she heard Xie Chengqiong’s voice continuing to sound.
“You and I are both members of the Yuan Sect, so there is no need to beat around the bush. Little friend of the Five Poisons, you’d better show off your ability to control spells!”
When the words fell, Chu Weiyang’s figure seemed to take half a step back, but his figure paused again, and his whole figure seemed to be caught in some kind of complex tangle.
The next moment, he seemed to have made some kind of determination, and then he spoke bitterly.
“This control method is unknown. It was obtained by Pindao in Jing’an Dao City by chance. It seems to be just a fragment of the Taoism. Pindao only learned it in a complete way and called himself “The Curse Seal of the Blue Sea Tide”. .”
In the flash of lightning, Chu Weiyang’s thoughts surged, and he could only talk about whatever came to mind.
After all, he was still a little caught off guard, but as he spoke, he looked at Xie Chengqiong from time to time. He always felt that the unwarranted kindness from earlier could not be fake. His intuition also told Chu Weiyang that Xie Chengqiong’s words Everything contains hidden meanings.
As for this moment, he could only gamble that he could guess Xie Chengqiong’s thoughts.
Thinking of this, as the words fell, Chu Weiyang squeezed the seals one after another, and saw the black arrows swaying very slowly in the mid-air, forming densely intertwined networks.
At the same time, his other hand was raised, holding a willow ghost talisman. As the mana wrapped it, a memory illusion suddenly hung over the ghost talisman.
/On the seemingly vast sea, in the extremely hazy picture, only one or two dense rays of light could be seen passing through one after another. When you look carefully, if the rays of bright light are extended, they are actually as close as Chu Weiyang’s control. The black arrow technique seems to come from the same origin.
/Obviously, it was Chu Weiyang who saw the hazy light and derived his own spell usage from it.
Only the outer appearance and the inner meaning still belong to Chu Weiyang himself.
And in the same place, Xie Jiang also breathed a sigh of relief and then took a breath.
The reason for her relief was that she had already seen that the three bright lights appearing altern