You can see it, a standard dog man!
Wing room.
She Zhang leaned against the window, raised her hands to cover her face, and sighed for a long time.
Shame on you!
Recalling her various behaviors after getting the opportunity, She Zhang felt ashamed to see others. It was different from the last time when Lu Bei gave her medicine and changed her clothes. At that time, she was seriously injured and could not move her hands and feet. Although she was embarrassed, it was excusable and she took the initiative. The party is not her.
this time
She didn’t even know she could be so shameless when she was horny.
“Oh, it’s better to just die.”
Thinking of how mean Lu Bei was snickering behind his back, She Zhang covered her face with her hands, wishing she could move out of Wu Zhou now.
“Shit, what shit?”
Lu Bei pushed the door open and walked in. Seeing that She Zhang ignored her and turned her back to him, he kindly advised: “Sister She, women must be well-educated, especially women who have experienced years of hardships. Don’t pee and poop all day long. You don’t mind the stink in your mouth, but I do too!”
What does it mean to be a weather-beaten woman? She is clearly a mature and intellectual sister!
She Yan was very unhappy, and knew Lu Bei’s tricks, so she retorted decisively: “Speaking of the years and the wind and frost, I immediately thought of your Senior Sister Bai. As expected, she blows a lot more wind than me, what do you think? ”
Lu Bei:
She Zhang felt relieved at the expected silence. Just as she was about to say something more, she sniffed her nose sharply, turned around and asked, “What does it smell like on you?”
Lu Bei frowned in confusion, raised his hand and smelled his sleeves, and said helplessly: “The smell of makeup from Hongxiu Pavilion, the girls here are so enthusiastic. Every time I pass by the corridor, there will always be a few hands suddenly appear, forcing me to come in to see them. , and said it’s free and free of charge.”
/“You didn’t succeed, did you?”
“It goes without saying, who am I? They don’t want money, but I still want to receive money. How can I give them a chance to have sex for free?”
Lu Bei raised his head proudly and said proudly: “I rejected them on the spot. Why do you want me to see a doctor? I’m not a veterinarian.”
She Zhang:
As expected of you, the beauty stood outside the door, opened her mouth and put a seal on the door.
“Sister She, what do you want from me?”
/Lu Bei asked curiously, pointing to the clothes on She Zhang’s body: “If you are asking who changed the clothes for you, don’t think about it, it must be me. I know you are thin-skinned and are not familiar with the girl here. When you wake up, I’m sure I’ll be embarrassed, I’m different, I’m familiar with it, so I’ll just do it directly.”
“sorry to bother you.”
“Why are you so polite? I’ll dare you next time.”
She Yan rolled her eyes when she heard this. Although she had been in a dormant state these past few days, she was still sensitive to the outside world. Once a cris