received two salaries, thought that it would definitely not be appropriate to be neighbors next to each other. In this case, they could only live door to door.

After receiving the order, Boss Ding suddenly sobered up and patted his chest on the spot, saying that as long as he had enough money, he would complete the drawings even if he vomited blood tonight.
Headmaster Ding was very convinced of Lu Bei. Although the two had known each other for a long time, he had always been at a disadvantage, and the Emei Sect was also nicknamed the Goebei Sect.
But if Lu Bei really gave money, as long as it was delivered on time, the project payment would never be in arrears.
In comparison, how much is a group of geese worth?
Lu Bei added money, Ding Lei fulfilled his promise and drove out the drawing overnight.
In addition, recruitment notices are posted on the notice board in the front yard of Yuhuamen.
Name and gender don’t matter, and there are no requirements for age or place of origin. As long as it’s the foundation building period, you can go to the leader to sign up.
Furthermore, the daily tasks are arduous and the work is extremely hard. Applicants are required to have a hard-working attitude and not to quit just because there are too many tasks.
In cultivating immortals, life and death are determined by destiny, wealth and honor, so wages and benefits are negotiable and there are no funeral expenses.
One line of large characters is the most eye-catching:
Seats are limited, first come first served.
The temptation of the mission is endless. Having reached the foundation-building stage, Liao Cai rushed to Lu Bei’s side. Before reaching level 20, Liao Qi quickly opened the book. He was stunned to fill in all the vacancies before the mission of the Great Victory Elixir ended.
For a time, the entire Sanqing Peak was prosperous, and everyone had a bright future.
“Hey, since when did there be an extra wall here?”
/Hu San strode up Sanqing Peak and passed by the crowded construction site. A string of question marks floated across his forehead. When he came to the crowded Yuhuamen gate, he was overjoyed on the spot: “Who painted this picture of a chicken eating rice? I laughed to death.” Now, are you crazy? It wouldn’t be shameful to have it carved on the wall. It would be me instead.”
“This Yunpeng Ten Thousand Miles Map is written by His Majesty.” Lu Bei stepped out and said loudly.
“Cough cough cough”
Hu San coughed repeatedly, his face was as heavy as a jujube, and his eyebrows were like a trough, and he praised: “What a great painting skill. The roc spreads its wings and hates the sky. What a high level it is! This roc looks forward to its own glory and is lifelike. Don’t tell me, second brother. I was really afraid it would fly out of the painting.”
He really has good drawing skills. After all, not everyone has the ability to draw Peng as a chicken.
In front of the gate of Yuhua Gate, Hu San looked at Yunpeng Wanlitu with admiration, and his flattering remarks were extremely disgusting, as if Emperor Wu Z