ura that could not be concealed by the moonlight and mist.

This is truly anchored from three aspects: the aura, the charm of heaven and earth, and the ancient “Jade Book”, which confirms the grade of this sutra written by Chu Weiyang.
The “Blood Flower Sutra” can be made into a “sutra”. This is the sublimation of Taoist Xuanhe’s exploration of the way of cultivating the blood spirit seal script, the Tao and the Dharma based on the original secret scripture, and it directly points to the realization of the golden elixir. Go to the level of Tao Fruit Perfection, and within that level, explore the edge and limit.
Smooth and flawless.
It is thought to be a sutra.
And after such a scene occurs, when the “Jade Book” truly begins to operate in accordance with the ancient Tao and Dharma, and is resonated and operated in a state of recording the complete scriptures of the Golden elixir series, even if Zen Master Yuehua, who is at the level of a real person in the divine realm, is destined to be unable to influence the “Jade Book” in this process, even if the secret method is passed down by the heavens in the two realms.
/In the past, the Yujing Qionglin Alliance Book spread widely throughout the nine heavens and ten lands. In the eyes of the ancient immortals, there was nothing more noble than the Tao and the Dharma themselves.
Feeling powerless! Feeling powerless!
Furthermore, as the dome of the cultivation realm continued to fall, Zen Master Yuehua, who was increasingly on the verge of collapse, finally suddenly became cruel, turned his head suddenly, and crossed the hanging “Jade Book” and crossed the The mist intertwined with the charm of the jade light in the mid-air, and then looking straight at the source of all the gilded divine flowers rising into the sky, looking at the Jingzhao Zhai Mountain Gate.
Some kind of shocking evil thought that seemed to be uncontrollable suddenly burst out from Zen Master Yuehua’s mind.
But at this moment, before the evil thoughts themselves gradually shed their strange and gloomy coat, and then revealed their true and tangible thoughts, a certain silent chill suddenly shone in Zen Master Yuehua’s mind.
The chill itself originates from the mountain gate of Jingzhao Zhai, from the mountain gate of Wuji Sect, and from the two paths of good and evil that extend from it, regardless of the Holy Land Sect in any region. The great monks, all of whom had attained the golden elixir realm, were looking at Zen Master Yuehua with a look that seemed to be extremely restrained.
The Heavenly Shang of the Two Realms only controls the realm of the Nine Chambers of the Treasure Immortal. If he really has something to do, it is no longer a control, but a slave in the true sense!
Even for the real giants of the two worlds, what they care about is not the collapse of a certain corner of the world. Perhaps the monks of the nine realms of Baoxian are taking a new path from the misty method. It is more important in itself.
If you really act according to the evil thoughts in your mind, then everyone,