rd to cut off the chains wrapped around him, refused to be interviewed in the small room, swatted away the five fingers of his other hand, and lightly struck towards the fist seal.

The fists and palms collided, and the Immortal Sword Intent exploded with blood in Taifu’s hands. The majestic force surged along her slender arms, mixed with strange forces, and the muscles and veins trembled and stung.
The clothes on the arms are unknown. They block the invasion of external forces and easily dissipate the terrifying power. However, the Immortal Sword Intent and Zhenzi are not so easy to eliminate.
The Taifu pulled away and retreated violently, one arm hanging down by his side, and he couldn’t help being shocked. With her ability to survive four thunder tribulations, she was able to suppress the Great Perfection in the Fusion Stage, but she was unable to suppress Lu Bei, who had just entered the Fusion Stage.
/What kind of talent is this? Even if his cultivation speed is as fast as Qi Juechen, his background can still be so profound.
Sure enough, he is really a reincarnated immortal!
“Please baby, turn around!”
Just as he was thinking about it, the violent Jin Ge Qi rushed towards his face. The Taifu looked intently and saw Lu Bei holding a jade gourd in his hand, with a ray of light already touching his eyebrows.
/A wisp of bright red fell down, sliding to the corner of his eyes, dyeing his eyes white.
“Okay, not bad.”
Taifu looked at Lu Bei indifferently, one eye was red and the other black and white were as clear as jade.
“Ah this”
Lu Bei’s heart went crazy, and he smiled honestly: “It’s a good trick, Master. It’s my sect leader who lost. Let’s stop here today. To be honest, I suddenly remembered that I was still refining a furnace of Nine Turns Golden Elixir at home. Counting the time , it’s time to go back and take pills.”
After saying that, he wiped the blood from his fist, and a strange light flashed in his eyes.
“Before I leave, let me give you a big gift.” Taifu said with a smile.
“No, this sect leader doesn’t do this. Tutor, please be slower. There is no need to give gifts or people.”
Lu Bei shook his head repeatedly. He was still a child. He made an unintentional mistake, so he might as well just smile and forget it.
“It’s not up to you.”
The Taifu’s eyes turned dark, and the God of Death turned into a Demon God. The dark realm slowly opened behind him, swallowing up Lu Bei’s small world like a black hole.
The dark vortex surrounded him, swallowing up most of the small world before returning to calm, and a majestic figure slowly took shape behind the Taifu.
The shadow is half black and half white. The female figure on the left is peaceful and holy, while the female figure on the right is ferocious and coquettish. The irreconcilable contradictions maintain a balance on the same face, which is indescribably weird and evil.
The phantom is not a real thing, and the hazy facial features are the clearest part of the body. The rest of the arms and torso have only shapes and no details, only the pa