houghts and thoughts themselves were trembling and shaking violently.

In an instant, the gilded divine flower swayed in the abyss of the sea, as if it were a candle in the wind.
But after all, it is the Dharma of the Golden Elixir series. Facing such huge power, the Dharma itself has not collapsed, but in the swaying, the colorful aura belonging to the seal pattern of the talisman has the tendency to be reflected one after another.
It seems that there is such a supreme force that, even though it cannot cause the body to collapse, it is using violent squeezing to make these three figures passively escape into the metaphysical realm.
In the flash of lightning, the gilded divine flower itself swayed even more.
At first, the figure of a Dharma Appearance emerged from the spiritual light. The moment the figure of the young Taoist boy appeared, the “Dharma Appearance Heaven and Earth” was already in motion!
There is no place more majestic than the vitality in this abyss!
Surrounding the colorful spiritual light ribbons and lingering around the illusory spiritual light “vital energy veins” are all the vitality seawater that has been completely liquefied.
The source of all these powerful forces is also the source of power that supports Chu Weiyang’s Dharma manifestation!
In an instant, the squeezing feeling was reduced, but Dao Tongzi’s figure still expanded. In an instant, under the continuous existence and squeezing of Peiran’s huge force, it returned to its normal size. .
But the empirical evidence has already made Chu Weiyang gain something.
The next moment, two rays of spiritual light disappeared directly into Tao Tongzi’s appearance.
Daotong, Dao Heng, and Dao Zhou merged into one and formed a silhouette with three heads and six arms!
As a result, the squeezing feeling and the huge force itself were reduced again.
Moreover, when the three bodies merge into one and work together to operate the “Dharma, Heaven and Earth”, it is not as simple as a three-fold superposition, but a certain kind of essential transformation and sublimation.
In an instant, the Dharma image was propped up.
But when it was only a few people high, the growth of the Dharma phase had already been reduced.
When he looked again, he was accompanied by the flow of colorless spiritual light.
The gilded battle armor is draped on the body, and all the appearances are strange and ferocious, like gods and demons. The final distance and squeezing feeling are indeed still there, but its existence itself can no longer control the appearance of the body in the slightest. .
/But even so, a giant as tall as a mountain is still just a tiny grain of sand in the boundless ocean.
But this was Chu Weiyang’s limit.
In the next moment, the Taiyin Refining Mysterious Coffin, which had experienced a brief resonance with the magical method of “unity of man and machine”, was the same size as the three-headed and six-armed divine magic form, and was held high by the six arms of the divine magic form.
He wanted to use this mysterious coffin to swallow up t