ojection of the Giant King’s Court.”

“It turns out that is the projection of the Giant King’s Court,” “Hermit” Cattleya whispered in surprise.
Immediately, she thought in a daze:
/She should also know the answer
“Sun” Derrick spent a few seconds digesting the conversation between Mr. “Fool” and Ms. “Hermit”, and vaguely understood a fact: the key to enter the “Forsaken Land” and the projection of the “Giant King’s Court” related
Therefore, the key to leaving the “Land Abandoned by Gods” really lies in the “Giant King’s Court” and “Sun” Derrick trembled in his heart, lowered his head and said with some excitement:
“Thank you for your answer, Mr. Fool.”
Hu Klein quietly breathed a sigh of relief, feeling that such a scene was simply too draining on his brain cells.
“The Hanged Man” Alger calmed down his emotions, glanced left and right, looked at the “Hermit” and said:
“Where is the projection of the Giant King’s Court?”
He did not dare to ask Mr. Fool about this because he had been rejected before regarding the “Land Abandoned by God”.
Cattleya replied calmly:
“In the easternmost part of the Suniya Sea, in the dreamland at night.
“I just wanted to share with you some of my experiences during my trip there.”
“Justice” Audrey and “Magician” Forsi slowed down their breathing at the same time, waiting with interest for Ms. “Hermit” to tell what must have been a wonderful experience.
“The Hermit” Cattleya controlled herself and did not look at “The World” Gehrman, and said in a deep voice:
“There is a safe channel to the northeast of the Gargas Islands to enter that dangerous sea area.”
She started from the crack in the abyss that separates the sea water, describing the sun chariot that cannot be watched, the night that must be slept to avoid, the terrifying murmurs that fill the entire ocean, and the projection of the “Giant Court” on the opposite side of the mountain in the dream world.
During this process, she didn’t say a word to Gehrman Sparrow, deliberately avoiding bringing him out. As for other abnormalities on the way, she only briefly talked about a few words, such as the sea area with the residual aura of the “Earth Goddess” that can make hair grow wildly.
In the end, she focused on the ruins on the sea with corpses sleeping on them and the adventurer’s sailboat with the “Fountain of Youth” written in blood on it.
“This may mean that the Fountain of Youth is in the ruins, and the corpse that can breathe loudly is the caretaker.” “Hermit” Cattleya said the common speculation on the “Future”, but this does not equal her judgment.
/The “Fountain of Youth” and “The Hanged Man” from the legendary “Fountain of Youth” and “The Hanged Man” in the legend of the six treasures in the sea were moved. He couldn’t help but consider the feasibility of exploring that ruins after Sequence 5.
“Justice” Audrey listened carefully and shook her head slightly:
“I don’t think the ultimate meaning of the word in blood is that the fountain of youth is in the ruins.”
After pausing for a second, she tried to conduct