look like? Don’t say you haven’t used this trick before.”

He has used it before, but the victims are all beautiful female cultivators with good looks and first-rate figures. If he still refuses to recruit, he will wrong himself and be in the same scene with the other person, and create some unique styles.
As long as the other party is calm enough, no one will die during the torture process.
Lu Zhou finally did it.
Because Lu Bei didn’t kill him, he woke up from a coma and heard Hu San’s extremely humiliating torture method clearly.
Unable to tell whether the two brothers were acting or serious, they readily explained the reason for their secret arrival in the North.
Come for the secret place.
The great elder Zhu Heng was ordered to send an envoy to the north to ask the underworld kings of various countries to be honest. Even if Wu Zhou was in civil strife, he could still take out his hand to deal with them. The obedient ones will continue to sit on the throne, and the disobedient ones will continue to sit on the throne.
Huh, there are many people who want to be dogs but can’t find the way!
/Of course, in the process of supporting, it is inevitable to go astray. Wuzhou has a royal family and an emperor’s sect. Mingjun should know what to do and which direction he will lean towards.
Zhu Heng is an old man with a sharp mind. After arriving in the northern border, he noticed that the situation was strange. While trying to deflect the situation, he secretly investigated and learned about the secret realm of Yiliang Kingdom.
Like Lu Bei, he first thanked nature for its gift, and then sent a message to the Elders’ House to recruit a great elder who could fight to help secretly.
Lu Zhou was very resourceful and did not like power struggles. He never participated in the overt and covert struggles among the elders, so he was the most suitable person to assist Zhu Heng.
/After that, the general defected to Zhu Heng and Hu San was wanted for rebellion.
Speaking of which, Zhu Heng didn’t expect this move to kill Hu San, just to drive him back to Wu Zhou.
“The situation changed later. Zhu Heng discovered that Qi Yan’s forces appeared in the north, and monks in the integration stage appeared. It is not ruled out that experts from Xiongchu and Xuanlong also arrived. The two of me did not have enough help, so I thought…”
Lu Zhou went on to say that Zhu Heng sought out the forces supported by Xiong Chu and tried to dig out the masters of the integration stage who were dormant in secret. If possible, the two parties would form an alliance, add one to five, and share the benefits of the secret realm together.
The troops were divided into two groups, and Lu Zhou came to the Heze Palace. He could instantly kill Chi Kuangtian and Fa Jin, two monks who had reached the Great Perfection in the Void Refining Realm. He must have the strength of the Fusion Stage, and he was born in Wu Zhou, so he was a natural helper. He should abandon the contradiction. Let’s explore the secret together.
“If that’s the case, brother, why did