iyang was not willing to give in. He then spoke in a slightly unfamiliar tone, repeating what he had just said in several very remote and ancient voices that he knew.

However, Chu Weiyang was not satisfied with his reaction.
At the same time as this dissatisfaction, Chu Weiyang actually breathed a sigh of relief.
He seemed to be expecting the person to actually say something, but he also seemed to be frightened that a person who had condensed into a body of flesh and blood with seal patterns under his gaze would actually speak intelligently.
However, now that he was exploring his figure, Chu Weiyang watched the reactions of his every fiber, and suddenly felt that in addition to the tangible existence of life and flesh and blood, Chu Weiyang could feel the surge of his emotions from the panic. , and felt the reflection of thoughts and ideas.
/All these details show that it is a truly agile soul that controls the flesh and blood body.
I just don’t know why, but his life is still alive, but he can’t understand human speech or the human voice.
At the moment when Chu Weiyang thought of this, when Chu Weiyang raised his hand again, a ray of treasure light shined through the hole. At first glance, it was already the Xuanzhen Baojian hole light, hanging on the top of the man’s zenith, with layers of dim light. It hangs down like a gauze garment. After anchoring the person’s true soul, it stabilizes its true spirit in this way to prevent the soul from collapsing due to too severe pain.
“Then I’ll come and check it out myself!”
When the words fell, in front of Chu Weiyang, the sword light and sword energy intertwined and screamed in unison!
Sword energy and sword light intertwined in front of Chu Weiyang.
Skin, flesh and blood, muscles and bones, root and marrow
/Chu Weiyang used extremely ruthless and ferocious methods and the most primitive way to turn the figure in front of him into a basic component of the most basic body-building method.
Not only that, but the blood itself that spurted out with vitality in the process was also wrapped in Chu Weiyang’s powerful magic power.
A ball of red blood light reflected in it, and every trace of Qi and blood itself was drawn out by Chu Weiyang.
Furthermore, from this extremely fine appearance, all the blood and blood were stripped away by Chu Weiyang. He began to start from it and deduce from the appearance towards the inner Tao and Dharma.
Even during this process, Chu Weiyang actually demonstrated all the wonderful techniques he had mastered. Regardless of time, he was either using the pure wood-phase magic power from the same source to stimulate the vitality inherent in his blood, or… Use acupuncture to stimulate the meridians and chakras of the internal organs, or use poisonous and elixir-like methods to rejuvenate its dormant vitality.
Among those dripping blood-colored images, the dark green aura contained in the qi and blood, the skin, flesh and blood, muscles and bones, and the root marrow gradually began to emerge.
And it was at the moment when he saw this