sters than to fall into the hands of monks from other sects. At that time, I am afraid that everyone in our sect will be humiliated in vain.”

Meng Huaizhen’s words seemed weak at first because of some kind of sadness and lamentation.
But when the words came to the end, although Meng Huaizhen’s voice was still soft, the hatred in his words was full of force, just like Meng Huaizhen’s determination at this time, concise and powerful!
/The more she said that the twists and turns behind it were of no use, the more she cared about the twists and turns itself.
Even Meng Huaizhen had already suspected that it was precisely because of the twists and turns that Shangming Palace was in the situation it was in today.
Of course, the top priority now is to resolve the crisis in Shangming Palace from the turmoil.
Therefore, Meng Huaizhen, who had thought about this, had a vague premonition that Meng Huaixiang’s life might not be saved at all.
Now, in order to resolve the crisis of the cultivators in the Ming Palace, he can only die and commit suicide!
Precisely because of thinking of these, all unrealistic and false illusions were wiped out from Meng Huaizhen’s heart, which made Meng Huaizhen’s Taoist mind more transparent.
She made the most accurate judgment, and from this moment on, she continued to act with the determination to avenge Meng Huaixiang.
After hearing what Meng Huaizhen said, the huge venue was filled with silence, and no one could speak at all.
After all, today’s situation is equivalent to Zhu Xiu showing up and using a method that is almost forcing Meng Huaizhen to say these words that will cut off her brother’s vitality and livelihood.
So, in a long silence, all the cultivators just turned towards Meng Huaizhen, clasping their fists and cupping their hands, and bowed in worship.
After Xu Shi made the decision, he taught Meng Huaizhen to transform all the hatred into the determination to avenge Meng Huaixiang, and taught Meng Huaizhen to feel relieved about everything.
She then stood up, showed her magic power, and helped all the cultivators up.
“Junior brothers and sisters, there is no need to be like this. You have not wronged Pindao, and you have not wronged Huai Xiang. The culprit of all this is him. It is his actions that have brought shame on the teachers. Several fellow teachers have been implicated and suffered. There will be No matter what the consequences, they are all his own fault.
At this time of year, it’s time for you and I to work together and overcome the difficulties together. When the disaster is over, that will be the best result! ”
After hearing these words, all the cultivators were finally completely moved.
“It’s Senior Sister!”
While all the cultivators were respectful, it was Meng Huaizhen who took advantage of the crisis and the change of his own thoughts to regain control of people’s hearts and the majesty of being a senior sister.
So, looking around the venue, Meng Huaizhen sat down again.
“Coming back to Pindao’s own affairs, it is related to the battle between Tao