Scorpion poops, only one part, can he admit his mistake?
Men who have read the script are so confident.
She Zhang had never read the script, and had never heard of the Snake Dragon Cult. She was deeply suspicious of Lu Bei’s far-fetched analysis of the case: “Since the city is full of enemies, why don’t we leave and stay here to die?”
“Waiting for a cannon fodder to explore the path.”
Lu Bei raised his brows, then smiled and said: “I am Xuanyin Si Qingwei. Now that I have solved the case, I should follow the clues and take down the thief’s head. There is no reason to escape without fighting.”
“Do you know where the people from the Snake Dragon Sect are hiding?”
“It’s so obvious what I said!”
Lu Bei was shocked: “No way, no one still doesn’t know about it, right?”
She Zhang:
She hated this man, especially when he spoke. It would be better if he didn’t have a mouth.
“It’s late at night, what kind of posture is necessary to tear down the house? If you want to go to heaven, can’t you just go through the window?”
Emperor Ji Zong Huang He kicked open the door of the wing, cursed and wiped makeup off his face. When he saw Inland Bei and She Zhang in the room, he was stunned for a moment. He was shocked by She Zhang’s beautiful face after taking off the disguise, and subconsciously Straightened out the messy clothes.
Don’t misunderstand me, girl. I am a brave passerby who did not spend the night here.
Suddenly he remembered that the dog thief from the Xuanyin Division was across from him. He had a different camp. Even if the fairy descended to the earth, he had nothing to do with him. His face turned cold and he said coldly: “If the Xuanyin Division doesn’t investigate the case, you come to Firework Alley to have fun. You are unlucky today. If Mr. Huang sees me face to face, I will definitely report you for dereliction of duty.”
“Hey, Aunt Xiang?”
Halfway through his words, Huang He saw the familiar peach-shaped figure at Lu Bei’s feet, and his expression changed again.
His Aunt Greedy has been dealing with a big millstone for a while, but he has never been able to solve it with money, which he deeply regrets. Just as he was finishing his work, he was leaving Langwu County tomorrow morning. As luck would have it, God gave him a perfect opportunity for a hero to save a beautiful girl.
Capture the assailant and take the opportunity to kiss her, maybe without spending any money. This is a good thing that you can’t let go of at any cost.
“You two forced your way into a house and got both the person and the stolen goods. Do you have any excuses?”
After a backflow of blood and the small head directing the big head’s thought activities, Huang He himself didn’t realize that the red lines on his eyelids opened and his whole face suddenly became ferocious.
/The cannon fodder is here!
The corner of Lu Bei’s mouth raised, he turned his palm and struck out with all his strength, knocking Huang He out of the house.
“How dare you do this?”
Huang He was shocked and angry when he saw Lu Bei and She Zhang j