long time.

After ignoring the wonderful functions of each body shape and posture in the practice of integrating the three elements, these movements themselves, in Chu Weiyang’s eyes, only have pure principles of appropriate movement and stillness.
It is not only about the cultivation of the spinal dragon, but also a mysterious method that integrates all the bones, muscles, and qi and blood of the whole body.
Even at the end, Chu Weiyang suddenly gained further insight.
In fact, he does not need to create the only Taoist technique from scratch. The number of Taoist body shapes and postures is not important, and even the posture itself is not important.
What is important is the inspiration that comes from “yoga”, and this inspiration is enough to become a door, connecting the original “Dragon Lying in Sleep” with the “Taiyin Thunder Pond Dragon Marrow Refining Classic”.
Even because this door covers all aspects of body training, this kind of coverage itself has no distinction between internal and external, or it can be said to be a combination of internal and external. Therefore, while the two dynamic and static techniques are connected, it can also be used in the other. level, with the principle of one inside and one outside, it is once again connected with the “Thunder Sea Body Washing Sutra”!
This is an extraordinary step!
Because for Chu Weiyang, the practice of the Way of Thunder will no longer be limited to the simultaneous cultivation of all Taoisms, even if the meaning of this simultaneous cultivation itself is harmonious and harmonious.
However, the cultivation itself, no matter how harmonious it is, still has completely different meanings than the only cultivation method that is mixed together!
/This change itself may have already set the tone when condensing the “Tao Tong Tu” and mixing Zhu Qi in the past.
Even Chu Weiyang thought to himself that even the mixing of various lightning techniques into one was just the beginning of this journey. The way to forge the body should not be limited to thunder techniques, such as Chu Weiyang’s mysterious The meaning of Mingdan Cauldron is expressed in the chakras of the five internal organs, and it also possesses the mystery of body training.
There is also the long river of sword energy that tempers the energy, blood, and bones.
The Hunyi of Thunder Method is the first step. At least in the field of body forging, Chu Weiyang will explore the boundaries step by step, explore the possibility of encompassing all the methods of the body, and explore the ways of combining all methods. The possibility of further confusion.
/And this alone is not a difficult task.
It’s just a certain skill. According to Chu Weiyang’s perfect skills, it is easier to carry out the slight details. However, in this easier process, it is also integrated into the practice of such a body shape and posture that is suitable for movement and stillness. Just go.
As long as all the Tao and Dharma open the door in the same direction, the ethereal path will naturally connect them.
At least,