room, Chu Weiyang sat on the futon for a long time, immersed in his own thoughts.

At this point, the advancement of the Tao of Talisman Arrays is no longer just a pure advancement of the Tao of Talisman Arrays, but also a tangible door that feeds back the details and heritage of Chu Weiyang’s Tongti Dharma.
And if this kind of progress is to continue, then the business of performing on the stage and training people cannot stop.
And if you want business to continue, you must further demonstrate the value of your own talisman formation and learning from others.
But if you want to teach the way of talisman formation to a higher level in a short period of time, such hearty emotions are something you can only meet but cannot ask for.
Then it seems that Chu Weiyang has the only option left to further smelt the apricot yellow banner!
Smelt the supreme treasure Zhenyue Magnetic Essence into the treasure! The treasure weapon is truly transformed from a rough embryo into a top-quality magic weapon, which can be cultivated and refined by its own magic power in the inner circumference. This teaches the nine-fold talisman formation to have a closer relationship with all the magic weapons!
When he was almost thinking about this step, what Chu Weiyang needed to do became very clear.
But on the spot, Chu Weiyang was very hesitant.
With Xuanzhen Baojian, Chu Weiyang has no shortage of experience in refining magical weapons, and he also has a record of repeatedly smelting the treasures of the Earth Master lineage.
What Chu Weiyang was thinking about was what kind of principles should be used as the gist when further smelting the apricot-yellow flag, so as to integrate the origin of the magic power throughout.
No amount of background could help Chu Weiyang.
Because among the earth masters and weapon refiners that Chu Weiyang gained from Fire Dragon Island, no one could achieve the results that Chu Weiyang did now when he was in the foundation building realm!
Not to mention even half of them, if they can have the grand scene of one hundred and one, they would be considered some kind of genius on Fire Dragon Island.
This is a gap in pure talent. Therefore, at this level, if Chu Weiyang cares too much about the inheritance of his heritage, it will actually hinder himself.
Even Chun Yuzhi, the former grand master of the Talisman Array, was holding his breath and concentrating without saying a word, quietly waiting for Chu Weiyang’s own thoughts.
/Smelt the nine-fold talisman array completely into it?
/The moment such an idea was born, Chu Weiyang rejected it on his own.
Today’s nine-fold talisman array has not truly reached the point of completeness and perfection, it can only be stably connected in one breath. According to Chu Weiyang’s expectation, the adjustment of the details itself will take a long time.
Not to mention that Chu Weiyang had also envisioned that he would actually integrate his own images of Tao and Dharma into the talisman array, and reveal the true forms of five phoenixes and black turtles in the moun