ntention of the sword peak and pure physical strength.

The painting style is slightly familiar, and it is completely based on Lu Bei’s rampaging sword moves.
Seeing this scene, Zhan Hongqu couldn’t bear to look at it. He secretly thought that Bai Jin’s younger brother was poisonous. He was a good swordsmanship apprentice with an unlimited future, but he was led to become a physical practitioner.
There is indeed merit.
Lu Beiren was under the sword, and slowly stretched out his hand. With the sword body as the base and the sword’s intention as the edge, the tiger’s mouth caught the edge of the iron sword, and his five fingers tightened like iron pliers. Feng Qingyundan blocked the sword.
The swords are fighting against each other, and the sword energy is frenzied.
Every time when he was challenged to a higher level, he ridiculed the masters for being too arrogant, thinking that their level was superior, and then being too arrogant and disdainful to go all out, which eventually led to the disaster of overturning.
Now that it’s him who abuses food, he understands their feelings.
Fortunately, the problem is not big. He understands and understands. When he is showing off, he always goes all out. To maintain this advantage, there is no possibility of overturning.
Amidst the rolling sword energy, there was a sudden crisp sound. The iron sword could not withstand the pressure of the iron pincers and broke into two pieces at the waist.
Zhan Mingxin was thrown away by the rolling burst of sword energy. After landing, he staggered back. His face turned green and white, and he looked at Lu Bei in surprise.
The meaning of Yuanran Sword Intent.
Is it possible that this person practiced two kinds of sword intent and successfully understood the secrets and merged them into one?
Probably not, time does not allow, even if the qualifications are as high as the sky, the speed is not that fast.
“Master Nephew, the sword you want.”
Hearing this sound at first, Zhan Ming secretly thought that something was going to happen. The afterimage flashed before his eyes, his perception failed, and he suddenly lost track of Lu Bei’s figure.
/No one could be seen left, right, up or down.
Lu Bei chose to face the situation, stepped forward, and pointed his sword into shape. Immortal Sword Intent poured into him, stabbing Ming Xin straight into the chest.
The sword light penetrated through. Zhan Mingxin lowered his head and coughed up blood. The light in his eyes dimmed and he fell to the ground with the broken sword in his hand.
/He is not dead, but his injuries are serious and he will need to recover for at least half an hour.
Zhan Hongqu frowned slightly, raised his hand to brush against the long wind, and brought the half-disciple and half-female Zhan Mingxin in front of him. After examining the injury, his brows relaxed: “Thank you, Junior Brother Lu, for giving me the sword. The sword intention you left in her body It’s worth thousands of gold and will save her years of hard work.”
“Since it’s a sword duel, t