ce to repay the favor.

“Sworn brother?”
The two affectionate calls were so sweet that Lu Bei and Zhu Qilan swayed at the same time, stiffly turning their heads to look at the dog man and woman.
I saw Zhu Yi holding a woman in his arms, patting her shoulders and comforting her, and speaking with caring words. The woman was beautiful and beautiful, and her appearance was very outstanding. Seeing Zhu Yi risking his life to save him, he was so moved that the pear blossoms were like rain.
“Brother Yi, why didn’t you tell me to leave? Why do you want to come back?”
“Yan’er is joking again, my heart is with you. No matter how far I go, I will always come back.”
“That’s so kind of you. Yan’er didn’t see the wrong person.”
“Don’t cry, I will become a little cat.”
Lu Bei:
In this situation, he seemed to understand something.
Zhu Qilan also probably understood something. Her delicate body swayed from side to side. Fortunately, Lu Bei helped her to prevent her from falling on the spot. Her face was ashen, her chest heaved violently, and she stretched out her fingers tremblingly to point at the dog man and woman.
“Uncle Eighth Emperor, who is she? Where is Yan’er?”
“Yes, she is Yan’er.”
Holding the delicate body in his arms, Zhu Yi grinned, quite embarrassed: “Chang Ming, I won’t hide this from you now. This girl is my goddaughter, the eldest grandson Mengyan, and the eldest lady of the eldest grandson’s family. Don’t Stare at me, we truly love each other.”
Zhu Qilan:
What a true love. You should keep telling your aunt and Yan’er this sentence to see if they believe your lies!
Zhu Yi’s shamelessness made Zhu Qilan so angry that he racked his brains and couldn’t figure out what his aunt liked about him.
What’s so good about this man?
For a moment, Zhu Qilan wanted to draw a knife and kill someone.
Didn’t pull it out.
Although Zhu Yi should be killed by a thousand cuts, Changsun Mengyan was really polite and well-mannered. Realizing the presence of outsiders, he hurriedly pushed Zhu Yi away, wiped away his tears and bowed, opening his mouth to save his sister, but shutting up to save Zhu Qilan’s life. Not anymore.
You two are from a well-known family and you are all ladies. What kind of man can’t be found? Why do you have to hang yourself in a tree?
Especially you, he is the father of three children, your godfather, and the son-in-law who has entered the family of the great elder of the Emperor’s Sect. Are you not afraid of causing great disaster to the family by doing this?
/Zhu Qilan couldn’t figure it out. He was tired and didn’t want to say anything. He waved and led Lu Bei to follow the yellow-robed monk.
“Chang Ming, wait a minute. Uncle Eight here also has a few bottles of healing medicine. Take it with you. Maybe it will come in handy later.” Zhu Yi took out five bottles of Tianbu Marrow and quickly caught up with Zhu Qilan. Moved, not wanting to touch anything that passed through his hands.
“You kid, it’s already this time, why don’t you…”
He stopped mid-sentence because Lu Beimia