Kingdom, and it was difficult for other royal families to match them.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Hu Er has a picture of the Demon Emperor, and this Demon Emperor picture must be authentic.
Secondly, the male star flag can also be explained. He favored Mei Ji from the fox clan and only gave it to the nine-tailed fox clan.
So angry!
The vixen is really good at hiding it. He has been holding it in for ten thousand years and only took it out today!
Gu Yue was even more greedy. He didn’t mind getting married and was willing to have the same surname as his child.
Speaking of which, the Gu Diao clan also had a glorious time. At that time, the first generation of demon emperors were fierce and fierce. They did not like state affairs and spent their days gathering strength in the harem.
Gu Diao Wanggui is the number one mount in the Ten Thousand Monster Kingdom, accompanying the Demon Emperor and shouldering the heavy responsibility of being the head of the clan. He is a worthy minister of the emperor. As a result, the Gu Diao clan’s status has also risen.
But even when they were at their most glorious, the Gu Eagle Clan could not be compared with the Nine-tailed Fox Clan. The vixen rode the Demon Emperor, and the Demon Emperor rode the Gu Eagle. The hierarchy was clear and incomparable.
Getting back to the topic, what Gu Zhou thought was exactly what the monsters thought. The nine-tailed fox clan was so good at gathering together that they not only got three monster emperor pictures, but also had the only public star in the Ten Thousand Monster Kingdom, Chen Banner.
This is nothing but nonsense, all the good things are yours. From now on, the Demon Emperor’s Three Villages will only be able to run with you.
Listening to what Hu Er said, her relationship with Yan Yan was not harmonious.
Liu Cong narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at Hu Er again. He had a resume as a demon king and rich experience in political struggles. He thought more than all the demons present. He clasped his hands to show respect: “Xiang Liu Wang Liu Cong, may I ask my wife’s name?” who?”
“The nine-tailed fox clan, Princess.”
The Yao clan belongs to the Tu clan. A hundred years ago, the head of the Nine-tailed Fox clan failed in the struggle and was expelled by the Yu clan. He was exiled to the wilderness and did not know whether he would live or die.
/How he failed and where he failed, Vixen never mentioned it to the outside world.
/According to rumors, the Five Elements earth defeated water, and the Yao clan defeated the Yao clan. He was the leader of the nine-tailed fox clan at that time, and the advantage was Yao, which led to his defeat.
It sounds ridiculous at first glance, but it’s normal for gossip to be unreliable.
The demons were silent, and the vixen in the audience turned pale, pretending to be calm, wanting to hear what else Legui had to say.
She remembered that the young clan leader of the Yao clan, Kuangyi, failed in an internal fight a hundred years ago and was exiled. Her whereabouts are unknown e