he person under investigation is knowledgeable or not. Generally speaking, they will be very knowledgeable.

he person under investigation is knowledgeable or not. Generally speaking, they will be very knowledgeable.
In fact, the Chaoan Security Bureau sounds very famous, but many local officials are also very powerful. Take the Zhangde Prefecture general judge, a small general judge, who can actually be associated with Zhong Fu of the cabinet.
/So most of the time, if it is not a serious crime of treason, the North Korean Security Bureau is willing to let the subject of the investigation go – if you shed some blood, the matter will be revealed.
Over time, everyone came to believe that the North Korean Security Bureau was only responsible for investigating major cases, and many officials believed so.
In fact, that’s not the case. The North Korean Security Bureau just doesn’t want their claws to be too exposed, because – their claws are already very sharp, and going too far is not enough.
But it doesn’t hurt to show off occasionally.
Li Yongsheng doesn’t care about these things. In fact, the people from the Chao Security Bureau don’t want him to care about these things. It’s rare to find some extra money in the local area. Isn’t it good for everyone to go their own way?
But it seems that some people have different ideas.
Although the Chao Security Bureau acted quickly and the Xi family was kept in the dark at first, some information inevitably leaked out as time went on.
For example, there were some local residents next to the small courtyard where Li Yongsheng rented. When the Xi family came looking for trouble, even though it was snowing heavily, the noise was so loud that it was impossible not to alert the neighbors.
The most important thing is that Zhou Tongpan was taken away directly from the prefect’s Yamen by the Chao’an Security Bureau.
Now the main members of the Xi family are gathered in the side hall of the Xi family ancestral hall to urgently discuss countermeasures. Among them are three senior cultivators and nine high-level and mid-level cultivators.
Everyone’s expressions were not good-looking. Now they were able to confirm that this incident was caused by the attempt to seize the Lin family’s property. The passers-by who were affected not only had deep backgrounds, but also had ruthless methods, directly destroying the biggest variable in the place—— Zhou Tongpan captured him.
As expected of the Chao Security Bureau, they are unscrupulous and arrogant.
Of course, everyone present could not care less about their emotions. The question they faced was: Where should the Xi family go?
Those who suggest going to apologize are the majority. There is no way. The Chaoan Security Bureau is not something that the small Xi family can resist. Moreover, the Xi family has been deeply involved in Zhangde Mansion for hundreds of years, with thousands of people, a big family and a big business. There is no way to hide.
Some people also suggested that the news of the raging North Korean Security Bureau should be spread to the higher authorities. The Xi family has strong local influence, and ther