At this moment, his head was suddenly hit hard by “someone”, and the tearing pain made his whole body convulse.

The lightning in Klein’s eyes receded, he raised his right hand and snapped his fingers again.
An air bullet crossed a distance of more than ten meters and accurately penetrated into the back of Squall’s head.
Squall didn’t have the inhuman endurance of “steel”, so his vision suddenly went dark and he slowly collapsed.
Klein caught up with him in a few steps, stretched out his left palm, and let the joyful “Creepy Hungry” begin to enjoy the feast.
I have heard the voice of the “True Creator” and withstood Mr. “Door”‘s call for help. I have a very strong resistance in this regard. Even the scream of the “Resentful Soul” itself can be quickly slowed down, let alone just a spell. Ryan muttered to himself silently, watching as Squall’s body turned into flesh and blood and fell into the gaping mouth of “Wriggling Hunger”.
After a few seconds, the “squirming hunger” was satisfied and stopped, and Klein quickly returned to “Iron” Maiviti.
/This “living corpse” was brutally purified. Although his head was not broken, he also lost his life.
Klein took a few steps forward, picked up the peacock blue flying carpet that fell on the ground, wrapped it around “Iron” Maiviti’s body, and lifted it up.
Looking back at the chaotic No. 15 Xiangshu Avenue, he heard the out-of-control movements of the living corpses and puppets, and felt that the “Punishers” were approaching here. Klein pulled the hood of his cloak and moved slightly in that direction. Bowed and made a salute.
Klein rubbed his fingers, and all the surrounding shredded paper was ignited, creating a pillar of red flame.
Under the light of the fire, his body became insubstantial, and his belongings turned into shadows and disappeared.
As for the extraordinary characteristics of Squall and Huntley that were slowly precipitating and condensing, he did not look at them or care about them.
Greed will put people into unnecessary danger. The current harvest is enough
After leaving some of the punishment agents to deal with the out-of-control zombie puppets, the pirates injured by their “companions” and the captured extraordinary adventurers, Cordoba Roye led the remaining people and rushed here quickly, but But all he could see were the broken corpses scattered all over the ground, scattered scalpels and withered street trees, and he could distinguish the slowly receding aura of the sun and the sense of evil coming from the depths of his flesh and blood.
In the early morning, the sky is slightly bright, and the corner alley is mostly quiet and dark.
With the help of Daniz’s cloak, Klein blended into the shadows and walked quickly. He felt that the surroundings were gray and black and transparent, and reality was abstracted and blurred. All the sounds seemed to be coming from the depths of the starry sky, empty and distant.
/After getting as far away from Xiangshu Avenue as possible, he identified his location and “grew” out of the shadows,