care of them.”

care of them.”
The child’s face suddenly wrinkled, “Pretending to be a lost boy again? I’ll be forty next year.”
The woman looked at him coldly, and the next moment, a charming smile appeared on her face, “What about the lost girl?”
The child shuddered involuntarily, jumped off the chair and left, “I’ll go pick it up right away.”
Li Yongsheng didn’t notice. , with his tail hanging behind him. The stalkers are all experts, and they will not look at him directly for fear of being noticed by the other party.
The people following him changed one after another. When the fourth group changed, the beautiful woman received the summons, “This little guy is really amazing. He can accurately track him from two streets away.” An Baker didn’t feel that he had used tracking powder.”
The woman at this moment had changed her clothes, wearing a black tights, her hair was wrapped in a black handkerchief, her face was covered with cold frost, and there was no hint of charm at all. .
“That’s possible.” The woman frowned, “Is it possible that it’s spiritual consciousness?”
“I don’t know, there’s no way to test it,” the other person sighed, “Once tested, Anbeck will definitely find out.”
Spiritual consciousness test It is very troublesome. Unless a cultivator at the True Lord level takes action, no matter whether it is a cultivation or a Taoist instrument test, there will be a lot of movement – in fact, most of the cultivators cannot detect the divine thoughts.
“Then it seems that we have to use a guest,” the woman sighed.
In fact, Li Yongsheng was not following An Baker, but Sha Guli. He had used his spiritual mind and was not in a hurry to follow this woman, but after hearing about Elena, he felt anxious in his heart. Somewhat inexplicably anxious.
Besides, he didn’t like Anbeck’s life and death. Although he didn’t have any feelings for Shakuri, if Anbeck took advantage of Shakuri under his nose, he would feel a little sorry for her. A hint of Yongxin’s breath.
After following for a while, he was surprised to find that this group of people actually left the city, and they exited through the north gate.
Chapter 177: The Mantis Catches the Cicada
. The royal palace of the Middle Earth Kingdom is located on the north side of Shuntian Mansion.
Therefore, the northern part is also the most closely guarded place. There is not only the garrison of the Royal Forest Army, but also the horse farm of the Royal Horse Supervisor, and there is also a Xuantian Temple in the northern suburbs.
Xuantian Temple is a Zisun Temple, and it is not very confrontational with the government. It can be said that the northern part of Shuntian Mansion is the most heavily guarded place.
/The western part of Shuntian Mansion is also heavily guarded, but that is because there are mountains in the western suburbs, which is a strategic commanding heights, and because of the mountains, rivers and beautiful scenery, it has become a good place for the rich and powerful to live.
Anyway, the interrogation at the North Gate is the stricte