some time to heal, and this is a group incident.

some time to heal, and this is a group incident.
I don’t think so, because for cultivators, it’s really not a big deal. You can recover faster with some good medicine. When Qin Tianzhu jumped off the Star Observation Tower, his injuries were much more serious than this, but it’s not that big of a deal. ?
Seriously, injuries caused by sharp objects are not easy to heal. If your hands, feet, arms, etc. are chopped off, they won’t grow back.
It is precisely because of this that Dang Yuqi and his gang came out to look for trouble, carrying short iron sticks with them.
Conflicts of this level today would usually be digested within the monastery.
It is not easy to interfere with the local forces in Seven Fantasy City. After all, this monastery is aloof and not affected by the outside world.
No one from the hospital has expressed their position yet. This matter is not too serious. It is already night now, so there is no need to be so anxious.
So the security made a decision to take away the two foreign students who beat the people. As for the injured upper student – send them to the hospital first.
Hu Lianwang didn’t explain, saying that he didn’t hit anyone, but in fact he was the one who struck first.
However, he still regretted a little, and turned to look at Li Yongsheng, “We should have run away first, the second brother is so smart.” ”
Haha,” Li Yongsheng smiled nonchalantly, “We can’t rush in with others to beat them. Did you fight back?”
“You two, have a good attitude,” a security guard couldn’t stand it and shouted.
/However, they did not make it difficult for these two people and took them directly to the duty room. Some people even expressed disdain for Dang Yuqi, “A bunch of students from the upper house were beaten by two students from the outside. You are really promising.” “Yes.”
The duty room was a large bungalow, with several security guards asking questions casually, and someone taking notes on the side.
However, the record was very sloppy. It was probably just a record of what happened. The students of the seminary and the security guards of the seminary were all members of the same family, so there was no problem of anyone making things difficult for whom.
However, the edict from Shangsheng arrived, a tall and thin middle-aged man, demanding that the perpetrators of the beatings be severely punished.
The security guard ignored him at all, saying that you were just an evangelist and had no right to interfere in the affairs of the monastery.
/After asking about what happened, the security even planned to put the two people back – this was not because they were partial, but because they really didn’t need to care so much about the students in the seminary.
As for the possibility of absconding in fear of crime? Don’t be ridiculous, isn’t that asking for the convent to be expelled?
The teachings of Shang Shesheng were firmly against letting the two of them go back – these two unstable factors must be kept in the duty room!
The security guards discussed it and found tha