Explosive weapons are very insidious things. The cold weapon used by the opponent to fight you suddenly turns into a bomb, and its power is still extremely powerful. If you encounter this situation, everyone will be scratching their head.
/Li Yongsheng was vigilant, but even so, the shock wave from the Taoist weapon’s self-destruction also made his body sway, as if someone had pushed him hard.
When he stood firm, the repairman who had self-destructed the weapon had been riddled with holes by his own weapon, not to mention eating more than a dozen armor-piercing nails from Li Yongsheng, although these armor-piercing nails were not critical. , but this person couldn’t live even after seeing it.
“Villains often die because they talk too much,” Li Yongsheng reminded himself in a low voice. We are fighting, so I can’t be too confident.
In fact, the quality of the ten opponents he met today was quite high. The master cultivator actually had explosive Taoist weapons, and the junior real person actually carried the earth escape talisman. It showed that these people were quite well prepared.
At this moment, the blood slave rushed over. Li Yongsheng glanced at it and said with a thought, “I’ll leave the repairman to you. I’ll take care of the real person.”
Both real people were trapped in the formation, but he had to hurry up as well. To capture the opponent, you are not worried about the opponent getting out of the formation, but to be careful that once the opponent finds that he cannot break the formation, he may take poison or self-destruct.
Li Yongsheng didn’t want to save the lives of these two people, but he wanted to know what the so-called “achieving the goal” meant.
Moreover, it is best to use living sacrifices to pay homage to the deceased.
/Unfortunately, just as he was about to step into the formation, he suddenly felt a threat coming towards him. He shot it backwards without thinking, and even threw a shield in front of him.
Two “bang bang” sounds were heard, but the bodies of the two real people swelled up and they self-destructed in unison.
“Squeak,” the blood slave screamed in anger, and Li Yongsheng actually heard what it meant – my storage bag~
Then, the blood slave picked up a repairman and threw it to the ground.
This Si Xiu was immediately thrown to pieces, but at his level of cultivation, it was not easy for him to have his bones broken and his tendons broken. Moreover, he also had defensive items on his body, and his defense index was quite high.
Although Li Yongsheng killed Si Xiu just like killing a chicken, one by one, in fact, few people could be as perverted as him.
The blood slave just vented his grievances and didn’t use much strength. This guy actually got up without a traceHowever, his eyes were full of confusion, “Isn’t it the teleportation talisman that I crushed?” The
The chief cultivator had a jade talisman in his hand, which was given to him by his superior, who said it was a teleportation talisman. , once he gets into a fight and the prospect is not g