lly, it’s quite beautiful if you look carefully.”

“Brother Wang, tell me, why can’t we live a peaceful life?” Ma Tian’er said quietly.
Wang Meng sighed in his heart. It seemed that Ning Zhiyuan’s death still made Ma Tian’er unable to let go. “Peace does not belong to us cultivators, especially not suitable for the Great Yuan Realm.”
“Am I too weak? I miss Lei Guangtang.”
Looking at Ma Tian’er’s pitiful look, Wang Meng gently touched Tian’er’s hair, “Don’t think too much, everything will be fine!”
Ma Tianer leaned against Wang Meng gently, her eyes were red, but she did not let the tears fall. She had been in the Great Yuan Realm for such a long time, but in fact she still couldn’t adapt to fighting, especially this kind of indifferent life and death, as if Yesterday, Ning Zhiyuan was still fine, chatting and laughing, but in the blink of an eye, he returned to the underworld, and the reason was so ridiculous.
Fighting, eternal fighting, she thought she had adapted, but in fact she was still lying to herself.
“Tian’er, we practitioners have to fight against the sky, and at the same time we have to fight against ourselves. One day, you and I may encounter the same thing, but the path we choose is our own. If we really want to live a normal life every day, I’m afraid It’s really going crazy.”
Wang Meng said, at least he is not someone who dares to be ordinary. In fact, except for Ma Tian’er, everyone here is probably the same. The journey of cultivation is a constant challenge, and the law of the jungle is eaten by the strong.
Ma Tian’er nodded. In fact, she understood, but she couldn’t help but feel weak, especially when Wang Meng was around.
Just like that, Ma Tianer gradually fell asleep. Wang Meng didn’t feel sleepy at all. There were still many things lingering in his mind.
In this year, he must advance the Five Elements Movement to the fourth stage. Only in this way can he kill Hua Jianyu!
Under the moonlight, Ma Tian’er was sleeping like a helpless child. Wang Meng put Ma Tian’er on his lap so that she could sleep more comfortably.
Wang Meng’s mind began to expand, with the tower as the center, expanding outwards. The oncoming feeling was desolation, deprivation, as if the five elements were missing!
It feels like there is a shortage of gold, wood, water, fire and earth. This is the Five Elements Desert after all. The old demon dean can really find a good place for him.
I could faintly feel the aura of the monster beast, and the aura was full of aggression. It seemed like I had to be careful here.
/What worries me the most is not this. Apart from the harsh environment, I don’t know who else is in this space.
At dawn, everyone started to get busy. In the next year, this will be the place where they live and practice. Luo Han and Zhou Qian complicatedly perfected the formations and set up early warnings all around. Ma Tianer and Yan Yuyue were responsible for the surroundings of the tower, planning everyone living space.
Wang Meng and others began to patrol around, working in pairs to understand