g interrupted him without hesitation, “Fellow Xuannv Palace is here to testify. Seriously, have you come? What purpose do you have here?”

g interrupted him without hesitation, “Fellow Xuannv Palace is here to testify. Seriously, have you come? What purpose do you have here?”
“What purpose can I have? Just to watch.” The commander was a little angry at his aggressiveness. No one has dared to do so for many years. Are you talking to me like this? “This is the people from Xuannv Palace who are proving the truth. I didn’t go to Qinglong Temple to see Zhenjun Jingheng prove it.”
“Shut up!” Qinglong scolded him without hesitation, “This is the territory protected by my Qinglong Temple. , who invited you here?”
The commander was so angry that his body was shaking. He took a deep breath to calm his breathing before slowly answering, “No one invited me here, but no one refused to let me come. I’m coming. This is also the territory of the Middle Earth. Can’t I, the Hall of Karma, come?”
“No one won’t let you come?” Qinglong laughed ferociously, “Just now, the abbot of the temple repeatedly advised you to leave, but you turned a deaf ear. Now you tell me, No one wants you to come, do you really think I’m deaf?”
That’s bad! The Commander-in-Chief’s heart skipped a beat, thinking that I had really forgotten about this problem.
At that time, he deceived the Qinglong Temple that there was no one there, and he also felt that his family represented the cultivation of cultivation, so how could he not go anywhere in the world? The place in front of him could barely be regarded as a Zisun Temple before, but now it is not even a Zisun Temple. Why should he have any scruples?
How could he have imagined that he would be caught by the temple-protecting beast of the Taoist Palace?
It would be a bit irresponsible to deny it at this time. The commander replied expressionlessly, “I just think that the government and the Taoist palace are one and the same, so I came to see what happened. I don’t mean to offend the Taoist palace.”
“Young master. Nonsense,” Qinglong interrupted him impatiently, “My host has repeatedly urged you to leave, why don’t you leave?” “Why should
I leave? This is also Middle-earth!” The commander was interrupted repeatedly by him, angrily. He also vented his anger and spoke loudly, “I didn’t know that Xuannv Palace and Qinglong Temple had an agreement.” ”
/You didn’t know?” Qinglong sneered and then spat out, “Bah, you’re just one of them. What! What kind of agreement did our two families have? Do you still have to tell me?”
/The messenger who came here was just a divine thought, but even so, he was very angry, “I respect you, this is what I mean. Sir, you insult me ??again and again, do you really think that my cultivation is a soft persimmon?”
“Hey, you still dare to be harsh at this time?” Qinglong was also furious, and reached out to grab the divine thought, “Leave it for me. I work hard but don’t show off my power. Do you think I’m critically ill?”
Although the commander was mentally prepared to take action, he really didn’t expect that the other party would dare to take action directly. In a hurry, he didn’t even have t