he taste was also extremely bad.

he taste was also extremely bad.
In the unburnt granary, we also captured seven or eight guys alive who were fainted by the smoke. After asking, we found out that they were all Hishanites.
However, the harvest in the grain warehouse is not good either. The grain that has been poured with kerosene and burned cannot be eaten. A lot of the semi-burnt grain emits some strange smell, and it is estimated that you will get sick if you eat it.
From the mouths of these Hishan people, we got a piece of ironic news: it turned out that the reason why they would rather die than surrender was not only because they were afraid of being killed, but also because they were worried about being accused of “communicating with evil spirits.”
Hisama and Tonghe have a long-standing feud, and this time they are one of the main forces in the massacre. They do not think highly of Lei Gu, and believe that once they are captured, they will not only lose their lives, but also implicate their families and become ” The family members of those who communicate with evil cultists.
The one on the left or the other is dead, it would be better to die simply, maybe the family can escape.
Li Yongsheng was a little dumbfounded when he heard this: If a person wants to die, there is really no way to stop him.
In fact, the losses in this attack on Dongda Camp were still very heavy. More than a hundred people from Xiaoyang died and five to six hundred were injured. More than thirty soldiers from the two counties died. Even Leigu lost three people. people.
However, Dongda Camp suffered greater losses. More than 800 people were killed, more than a thousand were injured, more than 2,000 were captured, and only a thousand people escaped.
/Li Yongsheng was not very satisfied with this battle loss ratio. He said to himself that it was really embarrassing for me to lose so many people against a guy who was just talking on paper, even more than the previous two losses.
It can be seen that no matter how weak the troops are, as long as they are used properly, they can still exert considerable combat power – if the commander of the camp had not made many stupid moves, our losses would have been doubled.
In fact, he is a bit arrogant. Such a record is enough to boast. At least the Xiaoyang people are very satisfied, feeling that they have fought a good battle at a very small cost.
Li Yongsheng paid no more attention to the distribution of grain in the granary and left it all to the Xiaoyang people for discussion. On the next day, he held a public trial of the captured Xiao Si Qian prisoners.
Among these four thousand prisoners, more than fifty people participated in the massacre, and more than eighty people committed such heinous crimes that even the people from Xiaoyang came to complain with blood and tears, so more than a hundred heads rolled to the ground.
The next day, they searched the military camp for clues about the evil cult. Not to mention, they actually found two small yellow crosses. It was found that they were collected by the chief o