e was accused of “disrespect”, even if she was killed, the ancestor of the Ding family would not come to Rouran to take revenge.

e was accused of “disrespect”, even if she was killed, the ancestor of the Ding family would not come to Rouran to take revenge.
Generally speaking, as a true king of an enemy country, he has a strong interest in killing outstanding juniors in the opponent’s camp.
So he had to humbly answer, “Your Majesty
is indeed very particular about what he does, but we think too much.” He wanted to use words to control the other party, but how could Xianda Zhenjun be at the mercy of others? He snorted coldly, “It’s a small formation, I only used 30% of my strength, are you all blind?”
/This is to find trouble, even if the other party shows weakness, he will blame the other party, in the end, even if he doesn’t If you take action, you can always save the remaining Rouran cultivators.
Everyone knew what this person was thinking, but seeing that this guy was becoming more and more shameless in his actions, even Ding Qingyao, Zhang Muzi, Huyan Scholar and other high-minded people did not dare to refute him for a moment.
Li Yongsheng snorted coldly, “What a joke, you are just worried that you will kill the Si Xiu in the formation with one finger, but you will accuse us of being wrong. Do you dare to be more shameless?” ”
Shuzi is bold!” Xianda Zhenjun was furious. , raised his hand and a golden light hit Li Yongsheng, extremely fast and hard to guard against.
This was Zhenjun’s full blow. He was aiming to establish his power, but he didn’t attack others. However, when he struck, he confined the opponent in that small space.
He insisted on killing this man in order to save the countrymen present.
Unfortunately, he chose the wrong person!
The golden light struck so quickly that it was difficult to guard against it. However, after the golden light passed, a large hole about ten feet in diameter appeared thirty feet away, but Li Yongsheng disappeared out of thin air.
The next moment, his figure appeared more than fifty feet away, shaking his hands to create a dozen formations, and shouting loudly, “It’s so shameless, watch me kill the True Lord today!”
However, True Lord Xianda How could it be so easy to kill? He saw through at a glance what the opponent was playing, and with a few flicks of his fingers, he easily exploded many formation disks one by one.
When he blew up the last formation disk, the formation disk hadn’t even hit the ground yet.
This is why Shan Ling’er must be blocked by personal guards in front when he plays the formation disk. As Huertu is a real person, it is really not easy to destroy the formation disk before it is activated.
With a smile on his face, Xianda Zhenjun smashed many array plates and said disdainfully, “The beads of rice also emit brilliance?”
He was about to continue to take action to kill the opponent, but saw two jade talismans appear in the opponent’s hand, and he crushed them viciously. .
The purpose of Li Yongsheng playing those formations was to destroy them, otherwise he wouldn’t even have a chance to crush the God-Shaking Talisman – he was very clear about the