The five sky knights lacked intelligence, but David was there to direct them.

The two fourth-level black-robed priests waved their scepters respectively, and the thorns densely covered in the corridor withered instantly. The specially cultivated thorns could not block the targeted abilities of the fourth-level black-robed priests.
Just like the knights are studying the followers of the evil god, the followers of the evil god are also studying everything related to the knights. The ‘Secret Technique of Thorns’ is also a relatively commonly used secret technique, and it is naturally a targeted ability.
It’s just that this kind of targeted ability also requires considerable strength to display.
/David did not expect that his ‘Secret Technique of Thorns’ would not be able to stop him for even a moment. Judging from the speed at which these two fourth-level black-robed priests retreated just now, it can be seen that they are warlocks who are good at speed.
It’s no wonder that believers of the ‘Shadow God’ naturally have extremely high attainments in speed, the ability to get rid of enemies.
Although it was impossible for the two fourth-level black-robed priests to escape under the hands of the five sky knights, and it was only a matter of time before they caught up with them, David did not want the battle to drag on too long.
Now the temple outside is being attacked more and more frequently, and dull sounds are constantly coming from the temple. That is the sound of the security pattern being broken. Once the security pattern is broken, David’s five sky knights will have to fight with each other. The three sky knights met each other.
Unless David wanted to kill the three Sky Knights together, it would be difficult for him to hide the fact that he had five Sky Knights under his command. This kind of thing was not an opportunity to be exposed now.
Besides, it is not easy to kill three sky knights riding on flying mounts. As long as they want to escape from the battle, it only takes an instant.
Therefore, David had no intention of letting the two fourth-level black-robed priests have the opportunity to enter the corridor. As soon as his mind moved, the Shadow Warrior appeared in the corridor, and then released the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’ from the summoning ring.
The five-meter-long complete ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’ completely sealed the entire corridor with its thick body, and the two fourth-level black-robed priests almost bumped into the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’.
“‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’!” The tone of the cry of the first- and fourth-level black-robed priest changed.
Anyone who suddenly sees the legendary fourth-level ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’, the main transport bug of the Zerg invasion, will be extremely horrified.
It would be better if the fourth-level black-robed priest didn’t know about the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’, but it was precisely because he knew the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’ that he was even more frightened.
The reason is simple. The ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’ has always been an important part of