x-leafed stone lotus cost, but picking them up for nothing on a trip out was a good thing in the military ward.

x-leafed stone lotus cost, but picking them up for nothing on a trip out was a good thing in the military ward.
And maybe there are seven-leaf ones?
An hour later, someone actually found a seven-leafed stone lotus.
Seven-leaf Echeveria is basically priceless but not marketable. It is said to be more than 20 silver dollars per flower, but whoever has it can’t just sell it. If you don’t have any status, you really can’t buy it.
Lian Zhilei paid ten silver dollars and accepted this seven-leafed stone lotus. He felt that he was being kind – I led the team out. If I don’t give you the money, why don’t you hand it over?
I will directly reward you with the five-leaf stone lotus you collected.
The two small schools were also able to accept it. One of them made a suggestion. He pointed to the mountain above, “You still have to climb up the mountain. The higher you go, the higher the grade of the stone lotus. What if there is a nine-leaf stone lotus?
” Let’s go up. With this seven-leafed stone lotus at the bottom, it doesn’t matter if we sleep in Lanyun Mountain tonight.
After climbing up the mountain, everyone was startled. Another mountain rose not far away. However, everyone was at the foot of the mountain before and their sight was blocked. They could not see that there was a mountain on this mountain.
“That’s already the case,” Lian Zhilei waved his hand, “Look again to see if there are any stone lotus.”
There are five or six stone lotus plants, all with two or three leaves. They can be picked, but that’s all. The total amount is only one or two silver dollars.
Even the head of the room didn’t care, but the other three were very happy. It looked like they were really going to sleep out today.
However, as we advanced to another hilltop, someone suddenly screamed, “This is Tongxin Vine!”
Tongxin Vine is named after its leaves, which resemble two connected hearts. This vine is the holy detoxification plant. It has extremely strict requirements on the growth environment and is difficult to grow. In terms of its preciousness, it is still above the Nine-leaf Echeveria.
The Tongxin vine they saw was about the thickness of a wrist and about two feet long. Even Zhilei couldn’t help but take a breath, “It’s at least a two-hundred-year-old vine.”
worth at least five hundred silver dollars,” said the white-made vine. Xiu shouted and hurried forward, “Wait a minute, this vine cannot be cut with metal. It will affect the medicinal properties, so you have to use a stone knife.”
Just as everyone was looking for sharp stones. , there was a sound not far away, and a boy of fourteen or fifteen years old walked out of the bushes. He was wearing a raincoat and walked over quickly.
/“What are you doing?” he shouted, “Don’t touch this Tongxin Vine!”
“Tsk,” Lian Zhilei snorted disdainfully, “Who do you think you are? Get out of here, otherwise you will know the consequences of this wilderness!” The
young man hesitated for a moment before shouting loudly, “You are trespassing into the Taoist palace. , It’s alr