d by the teasers.

d by the teasers.
When he came to Rouran Country, he didn’t have to worry. Even if the followers of Jiejiao dared to cross the border and act recklessly, he would still have plenty of ways to deal with them.
Not to mention anything else, once the blood demon’s aura spreads wildly, even Buddhist cultivators will be unable to sit still.
But Du Jingjing didn’t know this, so she had to ask, “Isn’t this thing difficult to control?”
“It’s not difficult at all,” Li Yongsheng replied nonchalantly, “It’s actually a prehistoric alien species, similar to a mirage, okay, its roots and feet are better than a mirage. Deeper.”
“Mirage?” Du Jingjing blinked her eyes and asked in disbelief, “Isn’t it like this? After the blood demon bites people, the blood cultivator that can turn people into vampires comes from this. You Do you understand?”
Ding Jingzhu frowned and his face sank, “Which pavilion did you see it in? There is such a book in my main temple?”
“Master Jingjing,” Ding Qingyao walked up not far away. She said calmly, “The main sutra hall has “The Past and Present Life of the Blood Demon” and “The Different Blood Cultivation I Know” Wait for the book, go read more and don’t talk so casually. How much do you know about the Blood Demon?”
Du Jingjing couldn’t help but blush, “I’ve just watched “The Blood Demon Prince Falls in Love with Me.”
“I see, you are still afraid.” I am at a disadvantage.” Li Yongsheng smiled and shook his head, “To be honest, I have tricks to deal with it. I am really worried that you will be infected by it. When I start refining it in the evening, you should stay away from me, preferably more than ten miles away.”
“I, I,” Du Jingjing hesitated, but answered honestly, “I saw it in the Huazhu Courtyard.”
“Huazhu Courtyard” Ding Qingyao smiled disdainfully, and before she was about to say anything, she suddenly became alert, “Well , Huazhuyuan interacts with sentient beings from all directions, and it is good to have these miscellaneous books.”
Then she glanced at Li Yongsheng without leaving any trace, and saw that he had no reaction before speaking again, “The Taoist Palace has always guessed that the blood demon is not just a prehistoric alien species. , is also a cultivation system. Well, there should be powerful blood demons in the upper world.”
Li Yongsheng heard this and said calmly, “I feel that the blood demons will not pose a threat to the Middle Earth Dao Palace.”
Didn’t he feel that Yes, but very sure of it.
/The origin of the blood demon species is very strange. Even in the upper world, very few people know the inside story.
And the Immortal Lord of Immortality knows precisely the origin of this thing – this is one of the dark histories of incense becoming a divine way.
However, even in the upper world, he had not thought about the blood demon. Firstly, the blood demon did not dare to do anything against him. Secondly, with his status as a powerful spiritual practitioner, it was inconvenient to study the blood demon.
This time, he planned to study it carefull