who dares to think this way will definitely be the biggest enemy of the government and Taoist palace and will fight until death.

who dares to think this way will definitely be the biggest enemy of the government and Taoist palace and will fight until death.
Ding Qingyao was so frightened that after Li Yongsheng and Zhao Xinxin left, she couldn’t stand up – not because she was afraid of being exposed, but simply because she was scared.
Until now, she still couldn’t believe her ears.
But think about it again, Li Yongsheng is really weird. His origin is a mystery, his combat power is also extraordinary, he knows everything, and he can tell one, two, three about everything. To say that this person may be Guan Feng Well, that’s really not too outrageous.
If he wasn’t a wind-watching envoy, he really wouldn’t be able to find out where this person could come from – the inheritance from the upper realm? Not necessarily enough classes.
Only the identity of the Wind Watcher can perfectly explain all the strange things about this person.
Ding Jingzhu knew in his heart that he had been discovered, and the words Zhao Xinxin said, “remember to keep it secret”, were actually meant for him.
Keep it secret? Of course she knew it was a secret. Even if the Watcher didn’t say anything, she wouldn’t dare to reveal his secrets casually – whether it was rumors from the Tao Palace or historical records, the Watcher never liked to show up in front of others.
However, it is not necessarily not exposed at all. For example, Zhu Erhuan, the abbot of Erlang Temple, got some information about Guanfengshi from the previous abbot. After recognizing Li Yongsheng, he also planned to gain some benefits for his family.
Deep down in her heart, Ding Qingyao had no intention of secretly seeking some benefits for the Ding family or Xuannv Palace, but after this warning, she really didn’t have the courage anymore.
If she dares to ignore the warning and act recklessly, not to mention she herself will be unlucky, the predecessors of the Ding family who ascended to the upper world may be implicated by her – yes, there are people from the Ding family in Longyou who ascended, and four of them succeeded. Eight people died in the disaster.
According to legend among the Ding family, they were originally inherited from the upper world and became a hidden family.
You are now out of seclusion. If the corresponding real person can be sent out, my people from the main hospital can be withdrawn.
However, even so, the Ding family is not qualified to fight against Guan Feng, and neither is the Ding family in the upper realm.
As for whether this warning was issued by Zhao Xinxin, of course it is worth paying attention to. It is necessary!
/Until now, Ding Qingyao never understood why Li Niang looked at Zhao Xinxin with new eyes.
She always guessed that Huazhu Li valued her status as the prince’s daughter and saw that she had excellent qualifications, so he took care of her – maybe Huazhuyuan had something to entrust to her in the world of mortals?
But now, Ding Jingzhu finally understands that Zhao Xinxin is more than just qualified? He simply has an extraordinary backgro