ame more and more obvious.

ame more and more obvious.
“I’ve tried them all,” Li Yongsheng turned his head and smiled, “Boss Zhu is the only one left now.” ”
This is my person, I won’t try!” Boss Zhu shook his head vigorously, “This request is unreasonable. ”
Mr. Kong snorted coldly, “You’d better give it a try.”
Gu Jiaoyu was more direct. He stepped forward, glared at the other person, and laughed evilly, “Are you used to running wild in Bobenyuan?” ”
Then then. Let’s try it.” Boss Zhu was also angry and stepped forward to gently touch the other person’s wrist.
The wounded man shook his wrist, a stream of blood broke through the scab, and an arrow seemed to shoot out.
“Nah,” everyone present was petrified.
“It’s not me,” Boss Zhu yelled and turned around and ran away, his reaction was unusually quick.
“You came back from labor,” Gu Jiaoyu jumped forward, shook his hands and wrapped the other party with a white light, “I was there when I poured sewage on our hospital, and now you want to run away?” Si
Xiushen, who came with Boss Zhu, He moved, as if he wanted to stop him, but in the end he didn’t do anything.
/Kong Zongyu glanced at Li Yongsheng curiously, “How much blood is enough for this blood citation?”
Li Yongsheng pondered for a moment, “It’s hard to say, the blood citation should depend on the genre, but I feel like it should be half a bowl anyway? ”
Chapter 65: Who plotted against whom
? “Half a bowl?” Upon hearing this, Boss Zhu jumped up and down, “You want me to bleed half a bowl of blood?”
Everyone in the room didn’t say anything, they just watched quietly. he.
Boss Zhu was so angry that he was trembling all over. He was a person who cared about his body, and half a bowl of blood was enough to severely damage his vitality.
But no matter how angry he was, others ignored him. After he calmed down, he looked around and sighed depressedly, “Then I understand. I will take the person away and find another blood bait. It is nothing more than spending money to buy blood.” .”
“Don’t be stupid,” Gu Suifeng spoke up, looking at him as if he was looking at an idiot.
Gu Jiaoyu’s knowledge is not extensive, but he has heard of Wu cultivators using blood to awaken people. “There can only be one suitable blood guide, and there is no second one. Mr. Kong, I’m right.” Right?”
Kong Shujie’s expression was very strange, her face was tense, as if she was contemplating something, but also as if she was suppressing a smile.
Hearing this, she nodded slightly, “Yes, the secret technique of blood inducing can only be unlocked by specific people.”
Boss Zhu was stunned for a moment, and then shouted, “I don’t believe it!”
“You can believe it anyway. I don’t believe it,” Song Jiayuan said calmly, “Anyway, you have to save the person now, there is no need to discuss.”
Si Xiu, who followed Boss Zhu, was a little overwhelmed and had to cough lightly, “It’s just half a bowl of blood. , don’t be underestimated.”
/When Boss Zhu heard this, he gritted his teeth in his heart and laughed ferociously, “Okay, isn