that he can’t do it.

that he can’t do it.
He thought about it and asked in a deep voice, “What if I just want to assassinate the King of Qin?”
When he went to assassinate the King of Qin, he could deliberately let things go. As for the Guanlong Army envoy, he could use people to give a subtle warning – if planned properly, not only could it be broken In this action, the opponent may also set up an ambush to deal a severe blow to the opponent’s effective strength.
The tall and thin man was in a trance again and spoke involuntarily, “Master Ran, why are you doing this? Your ninth and tenth sons are also waiting for your good news at home.”
But then he became furious and said, “Listen You seem to be referring to what you said?”
Master Slender Gao did not think there was anything wrong, but continued to speak proudly, “Master Ran has been going south for several years, and we also feel that he must be worried about his family, and we are planning to move your Excellency The family will send it to us and we can gather together for a day or two.”
Li Yongsheng felt that he could take down this person, otherwise it would not be in line with his status.
But then I thought about it, hey, this is a mirage at work, why should I act so reasonable?
So he raised his hand and hit the three opponents more than a hundred feet away. At the same time, he shouted loudly, “Boy, our debt has been settled!”
A hundred feet away from the mirage’s influence – This is a baby snake after all.
The tall and thin real person spit out a mouthful of blood, and then he realized, “What did I just say?”
As a real person, he was hit so hard that he vomited blood. With two companions around him, the end could be imagined. One of them was hit. Jie Sixiu fainted immediately. This was because Li Yongsheng had targeted him as his main target.
Another senior cultivator, whose sternum was beaten to pieces, kept spitting blood from his mouth, and said feebly, “You just said too much.”
After waking up from the trance, the three of them were vaguely still. He retained some residual memories and knew what happened just now, which was a bit weird.
However, the three of them didn’t pay too much attention. Buddhist cultivators are good at deceiving people, and Master Ran is a leader among Buddhist cultivators. It’s normal to have some tricks.
/The tall and thin man took a deep breath, took out a pill and stuffed it into his mouth, silently pushing the medicine’s power, then took a deep breath, laughed and said, “Your Excellency, you are really brave. Please stay here for three days and wait for us.” Reply.”
After he finished speaking, he didn’t listen to what the other party said, picked up his two companions, and shot away without looking back.
After they left, Li Yongsheng, Zhang Laoshi and She Chongfeng, who were hiding in the dark, all scanned with their spiritual senses to make sure that no one was around before starting to evacuate.
She Chongfeng was a little curious and asked Li Yongsheng, “Why don’t you capture them? Are you planning to continue