really a high-intensity work.

really a high-intensity work.
There are almost 50,000 people gathered here, which is said to be the size of a county town, but this is a place to resettle refugees, and the management is also strong, and business premises such as canteens and restaurants are not allowed to appear.
Therefore, there is very little entertainment here. Apart from setting up the Dragon Gate Formation, the only thing left is sleeping. Because they are all crowded in Datongpu, it is not very convenient to even create people.
So besides sleeping, everyone was working. Even at night, they could light a fire and work.
Of course, the reason why everyone has such a high enthusiasm for work is because when they work, they get work points and contribution points.
In a subsistence-based small-scale peasant economy, it is very rare for people to achieve such working conditions. Under normal circumstances, many people in their hometowns work when there is work and are idle when there is no work – and even very often when they are idle. .
It’s not that if you want to work, there will be work for you. A lot of time is wasted in doing nothing.
In the past period, everyone had a very high enthusiasm for work. They worked hard to save contribution points and worked extremely hard. This is very normal.
Gongsun Weiming has been trying to improve the contribution point system. When he heard Li Yongsheng’s words, he couldn’t help but ask, “I know about inflation, but what is deflation?”
Li Yongsheng also told him about inflation. He probably said that currency is Plant something and distribute it appropriately.
“Deflation means making a lot of money and being reluctant to spend it,” Li Yongsheng replied calmly, “It doesn’t take much money to maintain the minimum standard of living.” Gongsun Weiming rolled his eyes, ”
The wealth created is greater than the wealth consumed. Isn’t that inflation?”
“Deflation and inflation are not absolutely opposite,” Li Yongsheng replied absently, “However, I did ignore this point. I really didn’t expect that working-for-relief could actually create deflation. .”
/Gongsun Weiming remained silent for a long time before he asked, “Is there something wrong with the contribution point system? As for credit, didn’t you say it can’t be devalued? Do you want to change it?”
Li Yongsheng rolled his eyes at him, “From the four major palaces. The contribution point system has been around for so many years, have you ever heard of their depreciation?”
Gongsun Weiming is not a blind follower. Recently, he has also learned a lot about the situation of the four major palaces. After hearing this, he replied, “They are replacing scarce resources, and There are also some cases of partial fine-tuning.”
/“Fine-tuning is inevitable,” Li Yongsheng replied disapprovingly. “The rules in this world cannot remain unchanged, but scarce resources? Okay, I know how to deal with it.”
“How to deal with it? “Gongsun Weiming’s spirit perked up. When he discussed these issues with Li Yongsheng, he did not want to refute the othe