with the memory of that ancient monk. In the end, the entire memory fragment became more and more fragmented, and Zhu Peng also regained his clarity of consciousness midway.

Zhu Peng, who had figured out everything, let out a long sigh and felt extremely regretful. If he had woken up a few days later and waited until this ancient monk, who was probably a disciple of the Songshan Sword Sect, had become a disciple of the Songshan Sword Sect, wouldn’t he have been able to directly obtain a higher rank? Has the swordsmanship of the Songshan Sword Sect in the immortal plane been inherited? What a shame, what I got was the memory of the ancient monk when he was young, and even the memory of his childhood was changed beyond recognition by his own subconscious subjective initiative. (PS: It’s not that Xianyu doesn’t want Zhu Peng to get the inheritance of Songshan’s ancient sword cultivation in his dream, but readers don’t want to wait any longer. In that case, let’s cut it off midway and let Bai Ling get the inheritance of ancient sword cultivation. Wow ha ha ha ha)
Realizing the preciousness of these broken memories, Zhu Peng was even more unwilling to wake up Bai Ling prematurely. He just pointed his hand directly at Bai Ling’s eyebrows and directly felt the upper limit of her mental endurance. If her mental level suffered a major decline, If there is chaos, Zhu Peng will wake up Bai Ling without hesitation. Even if the inheritance of Songshan Ancient Sword Cultivator is not as important and practical as a beautiful confidante, who is like a flower.
Fortunately, what Zhu Peng was worried about did not really happen. Although Bai Ling’s spiritual mind is not as sharp as Zhu Peng’s, and can break through any memory or illusion fog, her huge demon life experience is really He was the perfect candidate to absorb the cultivator’s memory fragments. Bai Ling did not show any signs of discomfort until the memory fragments completely lost their colorful halo. Although not all, Bai Ling still absorbed most of the memory fragments of the Songshan ancient sword cultivator.
After the memory absorption was completed, Bai Ling opened his eyes slightly and looked directly at Zhu Peng. Even with Zhu Peng’s Taoist sword intention, he still felt quite oppressed by Bai Ling’s mental impact, which was different from the animality or desire in the past. , but a kind of coercion, a kind of sword intention, a kind of overwhelming and invincible oppression of swordsmen.
“Ling’er, what’s wrong with you? Don’t forget who you are, and don’t let your true heart be lost in those trivial memories.”
/With such words, there is a faint whisper of sword intent. Zhu Peng has already grasped the hilt of the Youlong sword with one hand. As long as Bai Ling shows the slightest tendency to attack, Zhu Peng will subdue her first. Instead of always imagining that the parties involved will solve it by themselves. Problem, Zhu Peng is more accustomed to taking matters into his own hands.
Chapter 650: Take it out, the prophet, spray the screen
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