and hysterical, but what does it matter? To us, they are just pets kept in captivity in our spare time. When we like them, we will glance at them, and when we are angry, we will crush them to death with one finger. They are as sad as Ant, it’s insignificant.” The person who answered was not the person the woman in gray wanted to question. A handsome young man carrying a huge sword box stepped in. While intercepting the words of the female teacher Tang Luanli, he also licked his face. He came close to the woman in green clothes who was sitting at the main seat of the main hall and said respectfully: “Sister Qing, the latest battle report shows that Duan Yu and Xu Zhu died in the battle on the Tianlong plane. This is the fourth and fourth person who died in the past half month. Five protagonists of the plane of great cause and effect.” It was only then that the beautiful woman in green clothes and resting with her chin supported by her jade wrist slowly opened her eyes, as if she had just fallen asleep at this moment. As if awake, he unintentionally and ruthlessly said: “In low-level cultivation planes such as Shujian, Snow Mountain, and Deer Cauldron, even the children of the planes are restricted by the environment, and their upper limit of strength also has its limit. Xu Zhu, Duan Although the two of you are strong men in the higher immortal plane, their cultivation is full of ingenuity. If Beiming can really produce first-class strong men in batches without bottlenecks, Xiaoyaozi will not be beaten by his own back then. Disciple, please don’t rejoice over the success, the truly difficult combat faction has not suffered any casualties yet.”

At this point, the woman known as “Sister Qing” paused, then frowned slightly and said, “Isn’t Chu Xuanji back yet?”
“No, the crazy Taoist has come back and brought back a seed. I saw it first. He has excellent qualifications and a pretty good temperament.”
“I’m reassured by your vision. If that’s the case, just place him at the Ninth Peak.”
After a conversation, the man carrying the huge sword box stepped back and turned away, while Tang Luanli, who was dressed in black and gray robes, walked behind the woman in green clothes, put his hands on her knife-like shoulders and said bitterly: “Sister. , Wen is becoming more and more annoying. Every time I see the way he looks at you, I want to dig out his eyes. He is not very good at cultivation, but he is full of intrigues and bad intentions, and he even wants to eat swan meat. .”
/“Haha, if he can fulfill what I want in my life, so what if I finally fulfill his wish?” Compared to Tang Luanli’s disdain, the Yue Nv Sword cultivator known as “Sister Qing” didn’t care at all. In fact, this is indeed the case. In this life, except for slaying the demon in her life with her sword, she no longer has any obsession. Even the most basic obsession of living has disappeared.
As soon as the words came out, the entire hall fell into silence. After a long time, Tang Luanli pressed Ah Qing’s shoulders and whispered softly: “Sister Qi