illed with the aura of corruption, swallowing up the remaining silvery white sharpness and “Yang Yan” and eliminating them invisible.

He immediately returned to his previous appearance, still like a giant, wearing a gorgeous black robe with silver thread, but the virtual black wings on his back were much thinner.
/At the same time, His eyes stood up and turned golden.
A violent but unreal wind emerged around Him, blowing to every corner of the Shadow Palace with all kinds of thoughts.
“Mind deprivation”!
Derrick’s “Darknessless Spear” that had just been formed suddenly disappeared, and his whole body froze in place due to shock; Colin Iliad, although his will was extremely firm, was also aroused by the incomplete mythical creature form. Madness, cruelty and bloodthirsty, one can only separate one’s mind to resist these influences to avoid losing control directly; just as Klein regained his composure and let the “spiritual worm” on his body crawl back, he encountered this “mental deprivation” The intense fear brought about caused the body to tremble slightly for a while, making it difficult to use the “Star Staff”.
Lovia, whose body had collapsed and whose soul was about to be completely contaminated, was even more unbearable. She rolled and struggled on the ground, leaving behind patches of bloody mucus.
At this time, “Dark Angel” Saslier raised his left palm, and the golden color in his eyes was replaced by two blazing white miniature suns.
Rays of light surrounded by sacred flames fell one after another, hitting Lovia’s body, consuming her soul and purifying her flesh and blood.
Lovia’s aura quickly dissipated, and her pale gray eyes quickly lost their sparkle.
Her body collapsed into a ball of flesh and blood and curled up. She used her skinless arms covered with bright red mucus to hold the milky white, rather large human skull tightly to her “chest” and pressed it under her body.
Under the blazing “sunlight” and the sacred flame burning, Lovia maintained this posture, not letting herself move at all and not letting the human skull be exposed and harmed.
Another beam of light shot down, and Lovia’s body couldn’t help but bounce, but she still trembled violently and huddled there.
In the end, this twisted, disgusting, and squirming mass of flesh stopped all activity and covered the surface of the human skull tightly, dim, dull, and dilapidated.
When “Dark Angel” Saslier killed Lovia, Klein relied on his own specialness and past experiences to quickly recover from the effects of “mental deprivation” and had a profound impact on this battle. An unstoppable despair.
They tried their best, but only slightly hurt the evil spirit. Now that they have lost a demigod, the next situation may be even worse.
what to do? While using “Creeping Hunger” to change his position, Klein’s mind was spinning, looking for the opponent’s possible weaknesses.
That essence was an evil spirit… an evil spirit… As soon as his figure flashed to the other side, he was suddenly inspired and turned his attention to the gray-wh