Lin family holds a sign in front of their house, it would be hard for others to come and watch, otherwise it would be too disrespectful to the Lin family.

Lin family holds a sign in front of their house, it would be hard for others to come and watch, otherwise it would be too disrespectful to the Lin family.
Chapter 332 Transforming Cultivators into Servants
The Lin family disciples took turns holding up signs for three days in a row.
In the early morning of the fourth day, the masked man in black scarf finally appeared in front of the two Lin family disciples.
/Li Yongsheng didn’t say much, only leaving one sentence, “Luoyanpo at noon today, I’ll wait for the Lin family to give me an explanation!”
Luoyanpo is almost seventy miles away from Tianxing Valley, and it has to pass through the county seat in the middle. In fact, it is considered the county seat. southeast of.
After receiving the news, the children of the Lin family did not dare to neglect and immediately reported it to the clan.
It only took half a stick of incense to drive out seven or eight carriages from Tianxing Valley, as well as more than ten knights, heading straight to the northeast.
In Nghe An, Luo Yanpo is also a venue with beautiful scenery. The Lin family rushed there in a hurry, not only because of time constraints, but also because they wanted to clear the place and prevent others from watching the fun.
However, when the motorcade was approaching Luoyanpo, it started to rain lightly.
This time, the convoy was no longer busy, as long as it arrived on time, there were a few people hanging far behind the convoy.
The Lin family also knew that these were some overly curious guys who saw the Lin family hurriedly set out and followed them to watch the excitement.
The fact that the Lin family encountered a powerful dragon was not a secret among the most senior circles in Ngee Ann. After all, the Lin family had asked someone to strictly check people coming from out of town some time ago.
To the Lin family, these guys were really annoying. If today’s matter wasn’t so important, they would have wanted to turn around and capture these guys and torture them about their origins.
It was late when the Lin family’s motorcade arrived at Luoyanpo. The Luoyanpo, which was several thousand feet in diameter, was shrouded in light rain. There were only a few people walking slowly with umbrellas in their hands.
In the pavilions and corridors on the top of the slope, there were about a dozen people, sitting or standing, pointing in the distance, obviously enjoying the scenery.
But besides these people, there was another person sitting there. It was at the bottom of the hillside, under a huge parasol. There was a table and a chair. A man in black was sitting on the chair, lazily. Look over.
As soon as the knight in front waved his hand, the knights behind him dispersed and surrounded the man in black in a semicircle.
This time the Lin family showed great restraint in their actions. When they were about a hundred feet away from the man in black, they stopped and turned their faces outward, obviously to be wary of outsiders.
Eight carriages also stopped a hundred feet away. In the fir