help but sigh: The cripple’s fighting power is really too strong. .

help but sigh: The cripple’s fighting power is really too strong. .
Outsiders didn’t know about this, but how could Yang Zhuifeng not be aware of it? Hearing that Li Yongsheng had obtained the name card of the Crippled True Lord, he couldn’t help but asked in shock, “Isn’t that person missing for a long time?”
/Zhang Muzi didn’t answer, just looked at the other party coldly. She didn’t like the hidden family in the first place, and the behavior of the Yang family today made her very unhappy. So she didn’t say, if you don’t believe it, go and ask Wu Xin. Words like Jun.
When Yang Zhuifeng saw that she was silent, of course he could guess the reason. He couldn’t explain the reason, so he rolled up the Secretary Xiu beside him, turned around and ran away quickly without saying a word.
“Alas,” Master Shao couldn’t help but sigh, “The Yang family has been closed off for thirty years and has become more and more perverse.”
Du Sanchao looked at him and said with a smile, “Anyway, Master Shao made a big fuss today. Congratulations.”
“Congratulations,” Master Shao smiled and cupped his hands, “When I return to Motian Ridge and let the news out, if the Wei family can hold back this tone and not go to Motian Ridge to find me, then I will Just go all out to develop the small temple and let go of this worry.”
“Huh?” Du Sanchao said softly and looked at the other person curiously, “The rumors in the world say that you have to eradicate the entire Wei family before you give up?”
“That was my idea a long time ago. I have been expelled from the palace for thirty-seven years. Thirty-seven years,” Shao Zhenren put away his smile and sighed leisurely, “It has changed me a lot, and since it has been built Taoism always has to support its disciples.”
“Master, whatever you want to do, just do it,” the junior sister from Motianling shouted loudly. She was also injured just now, and there were two long lines on her face. “We can explore by ourselves.”
“Haha,” Master Shao laughed loudly, with indescribable joy in his laughter, “The main reason is that it is too expensive to fight against the Wei family. Master has no money, so he has to bury his head. I’ll teach you a lesson and save some money by the way.”
“Master Shao, you’re right.” A real person he invited laughed, “It’s nothing more than self-exploding a storage bag, so we won’t feel so distressed. Shao
Zhenren replied with a smile, “The problem is that next, those real people from the Wei family will still burst into storage bags.” ”
Well” the faces of the two real people were not pretty – we are good friends. It’s true, but after such a tragic battle, it’s really not worth it if you can’t get any advantage.
The point is, it’s not that Shao Zhenren is stingy, but that he is just a poor man.
“Okay, you have to be merciful and be merciful,” a real person came back to his senses and smiled slightly, “It’s okay not to do the thing of breaking people’s foundation.” As
mentioned before, the Kingdom of China attaches great importance to the continuation of the eth