t killed two Hua cultivators,” Zhang Muzi replied calmly, ” I think it would be better for him to stay with Zhao Xinxin, don’t you think so, Prince?”

t killed two Hua cultivators,” Zhang Muzi replied calmly, ” I think it would be better for him to stay with Zhao Xinxin, don’t you think so, Prince?”
/The King of England was stunned for a moment, then nodded slowly, looking a little reluctant, “That’s right. , have you achieved high-level cultivation?”
Li Yongsheng smiled slightly, “It’s just a breakthrough before the battle, very lucky.”
“Where can there be so many flukes in this world?” The King of England snorted disapprovingly, “But how old are you, you have advanced level cultivation? After practicing, are you still twenty-five years old?”
Li Yongsheng smiled again, “I will be twenty-one soon.”
/“Hold the grass,” the gentle and elegant King of England heard the words and couldn’t help but take it, “Twenty-one-year-old High-level cultivators, indeed
, heroes have emerged from youth since ancient times.” To him, it didn’t matter that Li Yongsheng was young and had a high level of cultivation. Although this situation was rare, it was not unique. There were people in the Zisun Temple and the Hidden World Family who had grown up since they were young. The geniuses cultivated in the military and official circles also have methods to quickly improve their cultivation.
The most important thing is that at such a young age, this guy can actually see people’s hearts very clearly and predict everything correctly. This is what shocked the King the most. Even the emperor’s mental skills learned by the emperor’s nephew were absorbed by this young man. People can see clearly.
I am not afraid of not knowing, I am afraid of comparison. Who can teach such a monster?
Of course, he could not have imagined that the other party’s young body was wrapped in a vicissitudes of life, and had also experienced the baptism of information from a certain technological plane.
Chapter 395: Whoever comes?
King Ying and Li Yongsheng expected it to be true. Two days later, the results of the investigation came out.
The result of the investigation was as everyone imagined. The North Korean Security Bureau still gave enough face to the Crown Princess and determined that this was just a vendetta case. It was just that the case was a little bigger and it accidentally involved nine people from the Royal Palace. Just a princess.
The reasons they gave were also very dumbfounding: If it weren’t for the vendetta, how could there be so many children of the Qu Adu family present?
Oh, by the way, there are also disciples from Motian Ridge, disciples from Beiji Palace, and even the Ninth Princess herself is a disciple from Xuannv Palace.
The matter involved the Taoist palace, but the government couldn’t arouse much interest. That is to say, the fight was too big, and it also involved the bandit Lelang Dujiao wanted by the government, so the Chaoan Security Bureau informed the Wei family in Guangling: Come to Shuntian Mansion. , give an explanation.
The Du family and the Chaoan Security Bureau have the same request: Although the Du family is self-defense, it is a bit inappropriate fo