“General, what’s wrong with you?” the adjutant ran into the office and asked.
“Prepare the fastest spaceship and set off in one hour!” Lieutenant General Kenneth ordered.
“Yes, General!” The adjutant didn’t know why Lieutenant General Kenneth wanted to leave at this time, so he could only respond.
Lieutenant General Kenneth did not dare to stay in the military. He saw the disappearance of Lieutenant General Beaumont from the information. Although on the surface it had nothing to do with David, Lieutenant General Beaumont disappeared after designing David. disappeared, and a transcendent was killed at that time.
/To kill a supernatural being silently, there are not many people who can do it even in a war zone, and David is the closest.
Before, some people doubted whether David had this ability, but now there is no need to doubt it. The deaths of nine extraordinary people really illustrate the problem.
There are even rumors in the military that the death of Admiral Ross is also related to David. This statement is not supported by actual evidence, but judging from David’s behavior style, it is not impossible.
As long as Lieutenant General Kenneth thinks of this, he will feel uneasy. He is not the Origin Star Military Department here, and there is no way he can stop a ‘sniper master’ like David.
Lieutenant General Kenneth turned and entered the inner room, locked the door, opened interstellar communication, and sent a communication request to Admiral Longfellow.
This was an emergency communication, and soon the projection of Admiral Longfellow appeared in the room.
/“General Longfellow, I have something to report to you!” Lieutenant General Kenneth saluted the projection.
“Is there any news from David?” Admiral Longfellow, who was a bit older, asked in a deep voice.
“Yes, the plan failed. Nine of the ten extraordinary people were killed by David, and one was captured!” Lieutenant General Kenneth replied immediately.
“Is David so powerful?” Admiral Longfellow asked with a puzzled look on his face.
The attack and death of David was actually done to win people’s hearts.
Admiral Longfellow used his daughter, Mrs. Meredith, to gather the connections left behind by Admiral Ross after his death. Because Mrs. Meredith had always emphasized that it was David who killed Admiral Ross, in order to make these relevant to Admiral Ross. He had many connections to gain his attention, and in order to allow his daughter to do her best for him, he arranged this attack.
Originally, with the extraordinary strength of the ten men, General Longfellow thought that there would be no problem in killing David, but what happened was beyond his expectation.
“From the information I received, I learned that in addition to asking the fleet to help contain one extraordinary person, eight extraordinary people were killed by David one after another. The last extraordinary person only killed three captains before he was killed by David. On the spot!” Lieutenant General Kenneth said with a wry smile.
“Since he is so powerful, we cannot le