a residual influence of consciousness, so it has not been taken away. The Lost Sea is too strong, so it cannot be taken. People broke through, and now this place has become Wang Meng’s sovereign land.

Just like the God-conferring Tower has actually been captured by others.
Unlike the Three Immortals, Wang Meng is not afraid of others finding out, nor is he afraid of anyone challenging his sovereignty.
He has always longed for a capable and strong man, but he just wanted to make a mark.
With a wave of his hand, the name of the Temple of Time was revealed—the Temple of Time in the Holy Temple.
Wang Zhenren and Zhang Xiaopang both have the bad habit of scribbling, and it seems they haven’t gotten rid of it after so many years.
“Let’s go. This first dojo should be very interesting. Zhou Qian has always had a lot of fun.”
Suo Ming and others smiled. At this point, Zhang Yang and Meng Ningzi no longer had any doubts. Everyone in the church, this is a resounding golden sign that can reassure these three people. What else can stop them?
Light flashed and the figures of the five people disappeared.
The confinement of the Temple of Time came into contact, and the monks poured in one after another. Is there anything strange?
/It seems that unlike the situation in Shattered Void, the Lost Sea can still be entered?
The monks who came in were all at the level of the God Transformation Realm, but even so, no one rashly entered the Lost Sea. After all, that place was the most dangerous place among the gods.
But there are still people who are keenly aware of a slight difference, but they can’t find it.
Suddenly a monk raised his head and was stunned.
/Others found out too.
Temple of Time in the Holy Temple!
The names of the secret realms in the space of the gods were left by the gods and could not be touched at all, but now the names have been changed.
Obviously, this name is not for bragging, it is for conquest!
Ho Kyung.
Meng Ningzi returned home. After all, she had disappeared for so long, and her family members were all anxious. The Meng family was not a small family, but one of the three major families in Haojing. The highlight of the first dojo was about to begin. In fact, each major family had its own The big forces are making preparations.
The front is all appetizers, whoever wins and who loses is just a gimmick, but whoever wins the final victory is the real victory.
The three major conferences are powerful not because of the technology and wealth they control, but because of their strength. Without strength, everything else is in vain.
The first two battles have already caused the three conferences to lose their face. If the first dojo cannot save its face, then the unshakable status of the three conferences will also come to an end.
The monks are very curious, what kind of counterattack will the three conferences make?
Amid everyone’s expectations, the spokesperson of the Three Immortals finally spoke. The Three Immortals will come to the first dojo, and the three conferences will participate in this