However, these “kobold beings” have obvious flaws. Although they are not afraid of death, although they are a powerful force, they also lose the instinct of life. A life without the instinct of life is a flaw.
/The God-Selfing Tower itself was enforcing some kind of tyrannical order. Now Wang Meng really believed that this tower was left behind by gods.
According to the laws of Taoism, the five elements are the foundation of all things in the world. There are big five elements between heaven and earth, and there are small five elements in life. If they are really gone, wouldn’t it violate the law?
Although the Dao is second-rate, things that go against yourself will not happen.
In other words, his five elements definitely did not disappear, but they became invisible.
Between heaven and earth, there was originally chaos. Chaos turned into yin and yang, and yin and yang turned into the five elements. Only then did the world today exist.
Akito is very tyrannical, and his qualifications are all-powerful in all planes, because his holy body controls yin and yang, and the level is quite high, so his power is closer to the source.
The current body is obviously not the power of yin and yang, is it chaos?
The most original state of power?
Wang Meng was not too happy, because if it was really chaos, it would be even more difficult for him to control this power. The power level was too high and a higher level of order was needed to match it.
If we talk about it outside, I’m afraid there really is nothing we can do. Even if there are five little guys borrowing their souls, in Wang Meng’s case, he will eventually fall on his way to ascension unless he solves the problem of the power of chaos.
Fortunately, there is a space of gods, where Wang Meng’s divine personality can work. With the power of a demigod, is it possible to decipher the secret of the power of chaos?
/Wang Meng suddenly knew where the challenge was. If he could crack it, his order level would definitely be improved.
The power of God should be chaos, and it seems that he will deal with it in advance.
Taking Xiao Hua into the temple, all kinds of strange beings were killed in various ways, either through traps, secret attacks, or frontal attacks.
The little flower was in a very embarrassed state. When it entered the temple, it almost had no place to take root. The stone floor was made of unknown materials, and the roots of the little flower could not penetrate at all.
At this time, Wang Meng was very cold and his heart was as steel, just like the brothers fought in the demon spirit space. Everyone survived through life and death.
Jade cannot be made into a weapon if it is not polished. Xiaohua must overcome this small problem. This is only the twelfth level!
Xiaohua stood in front and fought. Xiaohua tried her best to block all the attacks. Without a rooted plant-type True Essence beast, it would be great to be able to exert five achievements with one’s strength.
The snake’s tail stood up high, and the original white flower body turned into